T6: The Canadian Fighting Game Championships

Tournaments are still ongoing. But something begged being pointed out:

Empire White (JWong/Ricky/Arturo) sent to losers by Armed For Battle (Gerjay/EX Matt/Nagata Lock II) in the 2nd Round.

Empire Black (Sanford/Prez/Jeron) sent to losers by Team STC (JS Master/Flightwing/Arcade Legend) in the 3rd Round.

Empire will have to eliminate each other if they both make it to the fourth round of LOSERS!

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Any info on Garou:MOTW results or who is playing and what not? Thanks for the info.


uhhh…what game? lol

just spoke to arturo, triforce is in the 3s team tournament


the game being referred to in the first post is cvs2. both empire teams are still in cvs2 and both empire teams are still in t5. no one can play on the japanese sticks. team tournaments taking place tonight are 3s, cvs2, t5 and reload. none of them are over

the game’s cvs2

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hold that shit down empac…

The tournaments are still going. We’re all around the fifth place matches except for 3S, which had a whopping 22 teams. Tekken 5 is just about wrapped up with Empire taking top 2 (props to them, JWong’s Nina is insanity).

Marvel is in top 3. Matrix/X/??? were sent to losers early by Team Montreal (Alex/Blackestheart/Arcade Kid) and nearly eliminated by JS Master/G3nn/ROC but X is a fucking animal and burns through everyone after being down 2 guys. Team Montreal is about to face Empire White (Justin/Sanford/Ricky) in winners finals.

I’ll be posting frequently from this point forward until everything is wrapped up.

blackestheart = samnang?

edit: damn. sick.

No, Samnang didn’t make it. Blackestheart is another Montreal player named Jonathan.

I’d just like to say that the two CVS2 empire matches were worth going there the whole day. At the end of the first one, everyone was going buck, yelling, clapping, and the whole Canada chant thing.
The second one was tight, but then Flightwing (Nakororu) went into some kind of insane next level rape mode, and it became pretty obvious who was going to win near the end of the second characters. Good night overall, too lazy to post a log. Good meeting all you people :tup:

In a team tourny nothing surprises me.

I will be posting the actual results in full but if you want detail reports on what happens in Tekken 5 Grand finals here you are http://empirearcadia.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=255

for those too lazy to click the link empire white wins tekken (justin/ricky/uberjae), empire black (naomi/bloodred/sanfrd) takes 2nd

empire white comes back to eliminate empire black in losers bracket of cvs2

Insanity in CvS2. Empire White beats Empire Black with pretty much no health Ricky (Blanka) taking Jeron (Vega). The tournaments are flowing again now that Empire isn’t playing through Tekken 5 Grand Finals. :tup:

Results will be updated as they change.

CAPCOM VS SNK 2 (13 Teams)
1st - Team Rush Down (Ratio1beatdown/Freddyloco/Jiggabry)
2nd - Team STC (JS Master/Arcade Legend/Flightwing)
3rd - Team Fuck You (ATM Spidertao/Tigerlee/Jonstar!)
4th - Team Empire White (Justin Wong/Ricky Ortiz/Arturo Sanchez)
5th - Team Armed For Battle (Gerjay/Krasshole/Nagata Lock II)
5th - Team Empire Black (Prez/Jeron/Sanford Kelly)
7th - Team DarkDragon (Kymah/Dennis Wong/Noodleman)
7th - Team Poke Guy (Pokeguy)
9th - Team Hammer (RPGv2/Veggiebob2002/WB!)
9th - Team Brown Town (Shumayel/Dadesicanadian/Jiko Rocker)
9th - Team WoW (JD!, Hihihi, Mana Boy)
9th - Team Riverside (Psychochronic/Mike/Kevin)
13th - Team Darko (Random Hero/RXS/Chr0nic)

1st - Team Empire White (JustinW/Ricky Ortiz/Sanford Kelly)
2nd - Empire Black (Matrix/Larry Flynt/???)
3rd - Team Montreal (Blackestheart/Arcade Kid/Alex)
4th - Team China & The Frenchie (Arcade Kid/Jonstar/ATM Spidertao)
5th - Team Luckfest (JS Master/G3nn/ROC)
5th - Team Five Star Generals (Jiggabry/Gerjay/Krasshole)
7th - team Erection (DM/Crayz Penguin/Mystic God)
7th - Team Not Gay (Arch Nemesis/Snapout/Cammy Rulz)

Flightwing vs. Sanford was TOO good. Holy shit man, Wing was on fire.

Final T5 3v3 results:

1st./ Empire White - Marvelous, Ricky, Uber Jae
2nd./ Empire Black - Sanford, Naomi, Blood Red
3rd./ Team Ownage - Alan, Hamstar, Avex
4th./ Team Russell - Mahir, John Williams, NeoRussell
5th./ Team Montreal - Shyft, Potatobrain, Trevor
5th./ Team Human Bye - capercat, Matt, and some guy who’s name I forgot (should’ve written that crap down).
7th./ Team Impromtu Suck - All people I don’t know.

Good showing from Empire, I must say. You guys represented and well. Hopefully Canada will step up our game tomorrow, for the singles and 5 on 5 tournaments. It’s not over yet!

Yeah, that sounds about right.

This is C-Royd

Let me just say that My yun sucks. I used yun in team tournament. But I karapalmed everyone like mad.

NOTE: Justin & Ricky have just been eliminated from Reload by JS Master & DarkDragon. They take 5th place.

EDIT: I only noticed a previous post now. There was no Garou tourney today. It will be held over to later today.

1st - ???
2nd - ???
3rd - JS Master/DarkDragon
4th - Tigerlee/Sam
5th - JustinW/Ricky Ortiz
5th - x-Sapphire/Jonstar
7th - Veasna/Manaboy
7th - Victoire/Sopek

This is Jonstar:
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