T5 stick help

Im having trouble with my stick and was hoping someone could help steer me in the right direction of figuring out whats wrong. I bought this stick and didnt do any of the mods myself, i know nothing about wiring or using a voltmeter. Sorry im a newb.
The stick is a t5 with seimitsu parts, t5 pcb/madcatz 360pcb and is running through a inpin converter.
Last night when playing tekken it kept randomly pausing and unpausing the game. Also random moves would come out. Went to sleep pissed off and started playing again when i got home. Played for about 3 hours then it started giving random up and down directions. Opened up the stick and didnt see anything visually wrong with it. But thats not saying much.All help will be appreciated.
thanks again

edit-have had it over a year without issue until the last couple of days

Take photos of the interior.
Is the stick making errors on the SP2 side + inpin or the Xbox 360 side?

i dont own a 360, but alot of my friends own one so that why i bought this so i can use my stick when i go to their place. Guess i can try to check it out on the pc when i have time. Also when it starts doing it again ill plug in another wired controller and see if its doing the same thing due to the inpin. Inpin is 6 months old though.
Heres acouple of pics