T.T.F. Street Fighter IV RanBat 2.1- San Diego, CA.- 08/28/09

Hopefully you have all be patiently waiting! Well it has returned and a whole new season is ready to pop off!

T.T.F. Street Fighter IV RanBat 2.1
Entree Fee: $6.00- $5.00 to pot, $1.00 to T.T.F.
Pay Out: 1st- 70%, 2nd- 20%, and 3rd- 10%

Points For Top 8:
1st- 8 points
2nd- 7 points
3rd- 6 points
4th- 5 points
5th- 3 points
7th- 1 point

6532 Hyman Pl
San Diego CA 92139
This is a house

August 28th, 2009
That is the last Friday of August
Doors open at 7:30PM
Start around 8:30- 9:00PM

Break Down:
2-3 tvs for tourney
1-2 for casuals

will need at least 1-2 tvs
and 3 ps3’s with copy of sf4

on the casual tvs anything could be played

Important Note
Will be capped off at 32!
Make sure you post if you want to play. That’s why I highly recommend you make an account on SRK.

Sign Up:

  1. unprotectedSEX
  2. AlexMan
  3. Dios X
  4. mr. hangover
  5. RoDcHaN
  6. hell fkn yes Pimpbot
  7. n3m0n1c
  8. Eiji- San
  9. SESD
  10. oceansideDOODS
  11. ronshoo
  12. Repulse
  13. Jokersss
  14. Tommy
  15. Genghis
  16. Maku

Pop off. I shall return for this one.

hopefully i’ll be back with new vision intact!

Sign me up cody <3

Sign me up cody

Sign me up!

CHANG WANG CHANG WANG CHANG WANG if chang wang is there I cannot attend for I have 0% chance to win!!


Sign me uppppp

count me in. i wanna get more that 1 point this season

Do want to play in ranbat, don’t want to go to class at 8 the following morning. fml…

sign me up cody…

freakin love having fridays off when TTF is up and crackin…

dam you got saturday classes now x-X

sign me up

the hopefully has changed into hell fucking yes ttf :smiley:

woot!!! TTF is back!!!

n3m0n1c sign it sup sir.

sign me up fo sure

Will the kitchen marvel set up be good to go?

ill figure something out

i have a meeting at 630pm in mission valled…i hope you really do start the ranbat at 9pm