T.T.F. Ranbat Season Finale: SSFIV: AE 4.6 & MvC3 1.6 Results/ Shout Outs- San Diego, CA.-8/26

Super Street Fighter IV AE 4.6 Results
Top 8
1st- WL Chris King (Claw) 10 pts
2nd- Genghis (Yun/ Dictator) 7 pts
3rd- yeb (Gen) 5 pts
4th- unprotectedSEX (Rufus) 3 pts
5th- Repulse (Yun)- 2 pts
5th- Chad ( E. Honda)- 2 pts
7th- MR. CERTIFIED (Chun)- 1 pt
7th- Combusted (Rose/ Boxer)- 1 pt

9th Jokersss
9th nomadic
9th Onegai James
13 jetquick
13 Who is J-Mo?
13 marco
13 ilya
17 John V.
17 hanging with virgins

Marvel vs Capcom 3 1.6
Top 8
1st- WL Chris King- 10 pts
2nd- Dios X- 7 pts
3rd- Genghis - 5 pts
4th- unprotectedSEX- 3 pts
5th- Skoot- 2 pts
5th- WL Costco- 2 pts
7th- pimpbot9000- 1 pt
7th- Matt- 1 pt

9 jetquick
9 hanging with virgins
13 combusted
13 Charles
13 sodasic
13 call2arms
17 guess who yo
17 WL Tommy

Final Ranbat Score Boards
Super Street Fighter IV AE Season 4
1st- unprotectedSEX- 31 pts
2nd- MR. CERTIFIED- 26 pts
3rd- ilya- 20 pts
4th- yeb- 18- pts

combusted- 13 pts
jonkun- 11 pts
Viscant- 10 pts
WL Chris King- 10 pts
Genghis- 7 pts
andslayers- 6 pts
Who is J-Mo?- 6 pts
A2TREJO- 5 pts
laceysan- 5 pts
Repulse- 2 pts
nomadic- 2 pts
Chad- 2 pts
lovo- 2 pts
jokersss- 2 pts
loky- 2 pts
watts- 2 pts
final aura- 1 pt
slappy slaps- 1 pt
r0nbath- 1 pt
jetquick- 1 pt

Marvel vs Capcom 3 Season 1
1st- Dios X- 41 pts
2nd- Matt- 31 pts
3rd- Viscant- 20 pts
4th- Skoot- 19 pts

WL Chris King- 10 pts
Kankuro SDT- 9 pts
Charles- 9 pts
T.G. Cid- 8- pts
combusted- 6 pts
Genghis- 5 pts
unprotectedSEX- 4 pts
pimpbot9000- 3 pts
WL Costco- 2 pts
Who is J Mo? - 2 pts
ilya- 2 pts
ANDSlayers - 1 pt
KSexy- 1 pt
jetquick- 1 pt
call2arms- 1 pt

i would like to thank everyone who came out today it was a great turn out for a T.T.F. tourney for both games. I mean a lot of the top SD players made it out, a lot of the SD players made it out in general.

There are a couple of things I would like to go over. I do apologize if you had to play a SSFIV AE match on 360. To be clear I did state all matches for AE were suppose to be PS3 and Marvel were 360. If you guys agreed to play on 360 than PS3 that is on you. I am truly sorry if it effected your matches and if you have a problem please tell me.

I miscounted the AE pot, Chris King I owe you $10 for 1st place.

So in the end ranbat pot payout is…
AE $122.00
1st- unprotectedSEX- $60.00
2nd- MR. CERTIFIED- $30.00
3rd- ilya- $20.00
4th- yeb- $12.00

**MvC3 $98.00 **
1st- Dios X- $50.00
2nd- Matt- $25.00
3rd- Viscant- $15.00
4th- Skoot- $10.00

If you have any questions or complaints about T.T.F. and how I run it please tell me. People should now the event is out side so of course the weather can effect players. Also we start late and if your in top 8 you will most likely be here at midnight or maybe a little later. But I havent had any complaints about it.

Great end to the ranbats I’m glad everyone made it out. Next month, September, team tourney for both games.

-Cody unprotectedSEX Denton

Shout Outs:
Thank you to all who brought there ps3’s for the tourney
combusted, jet, and marco

Thank you to all who brought 360s for the tourney
jonkun, pimpbot, and joe

i want to just again thank everyone in the sd fighting game scene who came out and supported everything.
I wish I can have like extra money for extra pot for the winners like every big tourney have a guaranteed $500 already split between top 3 plus the entry fee. Maybe the money that goes to the Wednesday night casuals can be used for that.

Fun tourney last night with a good turn out. Team tournament should be fun.