T.O November Thread

yay no one made the thread yet, so i’ll make it!

now for November challenges:
-$10 3/5 for best MSP in T.O
-$10 3/5 for best V-Sak in T.O
-$10 3/5 for best SAII Chun in T.O

so if no one takes the above challenges, i automatically takes all the titles :wgrin:

can i side bet on chun ting che for bcto lol?

$2 for Jay/Roger, best A-Gief in Toronto haha

You’re going to regret that.

Ill take you up on the msp bet, the v-sakura bet, and Ill bet that nobody will beat me a gief versus a gief

$2 2/3 team shoto mirror match

(order must be r/k/a)

bet it.

why that order though.

deal… wow dis is gonna be for free

hugo lizard: chun is from waterloo, he’s not T.O :arazz:

Because I feel like it.

I’ll take it against you and Eric.


lol :rofl:

Nass, Neverwinter Nights 2.

What a fucken beast of a game.

meh, I never got into the first one

Alex, it’s been confirmed by Nesta:
Humber’s FGC meeting start at 2pm and end at 6pm each Friday. The fight is growing and more members are attending. :slight_smile:

…now…to get Ali’s Basement Casuals back.

Aight good stuff, Ima stop by then see how the crowd is, any word if they have ggxx at least …

Gatherings at the arcade in Humber College itself? Do they still have Alpha 3?

Yes. It *is *considered to be a club. SFA3…Best game there… besides GGXX, which should be around. Btw, Negata, in Shopper’s World, they’re selling units…CVS 2 is like $500 or something. And the answer is maybe because they actually bring in systems, too. Nesta said he’d bring his PS2 next week.

Dice01: I’m coming next week for sure. Nesta’s Jamaican timing warnings won’t stop me. Bring your jokes.

If it’s the CVS2 I remember, it’s overpriced…

Then again, it is a Naomi + GD-Rom in there… :wink: It is one of the cabs that hasn’t been restored though. What else is on sale ( I don’t have the time to pop by :frowning: ) ?

Some other stuff…probably three or so cabs in total. 5-8 bill range.

Third Strike and Second Impact have dissappeared completely, but RumbleFish is still around…

Those must be all big cabs then? Like 33" Dynamo’s?

KOF XI still around?