T.O. Easter GGXX Tourney

1 - K2 > May, Sol
2 - Jay > Potemkin
3 - Stephen > Baiken
4 - Tidus > Sol
5 - X-Sapphire > Chipp
6 - Alex > Johnny
7 - Lun > Faust
8 - HoHo > Anji
9 - Anthony > Ky, Testament


  • Jay’s fucking psychic grabbing ppl from the air…PSYCHIC YO!!!
  • May’s 6P is soooo powerful! ggpo Alex
  • Alex’s match vs me…Chipp is so fucking weak man. What was that like a 40 second rape?
    -Lun mashing on burst…‘fuck it’ ‘FUCK IT!!!’
    -Eric not joining for the 3rd time… =/

Hmm…this tourney was actually fun…gg everyone!

Next one I’m planning for the Saturday over Victoria Day Weekend during May…by that time my eddie will be tourney-good, for those who don’t understand, that means you’re all fucked next one. :slight_smile:

…May won…???

You guys need my Slayer to bust up some ass!!!
Hahaha… anyhow congrat to K2 for kicking everybody’s sorry little ass

lucky my hammerfall?drop? came out when that faggot was stunned, instead of my grab.

i wouldve won that shit -____-

oh shit anthony’s too good!

you shoulda seen him…he crossed up with ky’s kick :confused: too good