T.O cvs2 tourney results 12/27/03

CvsS2 results
1-Roger “r1beatdown” Williams C-guile, cammy, sagat/A-Blanka, eagle, bison
2-Ian “Arcade legend” D. C-Sagat, blanka, bison/K-CBS/bison
3-Jason ma C-cammy, chun, bison/A-iori, vega, chun
4-Ken “omni dragon” lee C-cammy, sagat, chun
5-Dennis Wong K-Chang, blanka, sagat C-blanka, chang, sagat
5-Wing “flightwing” siu K-sagat, ryu/nak, chang
7-Marvin “C-royd” Li
7-Gordon “tigerlee” thomas
9-Dennis “shadowfighta” kim
9-Matt “exmatt” machula
9-Antonio Fong
9-Carlos Chan
13-Byron "ultimate rugal"
13-Jason “hop super” wong
13-Justin “nagata lock II” baisden
13-Jason “gerjay_2001” Mashall
17-Jon “the crow” lee
17-John "half white half asian"
17-Ben "nech_neb"
17-Bryan “jiggabry” simard

good tourney, congrats to the winners…
didn’t join cuz i wanted ian to feel how it feels to be in top 2, and didn’t want history to
repeat itself.

high lights:
-ian coming back from losers and triumphing several top players in a row to be in finals
-Nagata lock’s match against ian was NOT down to the wires
-Marvin doing cross up/Hop super on exmatt
-lotsa nice matches
-big turn out
yea i dun’t remember much, didn’t really watch alot of this tourney


the fact that i can almost qualify at evo and came 7th place today in cvs2 proves that cvs2 is a shitty shitty shitty game.

and today also proves that i am never going to win a tournament

and today also proves that ex matt is a dirty white boy


remember, I’m on the marvel 5 on 5, when it happens

Parrying in CvS2 is gay

Fuck You Marvin

<LazyJ> nigga cant even leave the dam room without some punkass BITCH gettin all up in his grill
<LazyJ> now imma smoke dis blunt and lose my job

Great Matches today though

congrats roger. no C-eagle over C-cammy? WEAK:D

by any chance did you guys get any vids?


My friend took tons of vids
I’ll hook u up once he encodes them and sends them to me

IRC > Efnet > #srkgd or #tosf

MSN > give me your email and I can add you.

my email is popoblo@zoomtown.com

aim is delarocha53

thanks a lot

uh i dont have aim and im not getting it

U need MSN messenger for your email to help you out here.

this doesnt sound like me at all. i never say nigga and i always use good grammar.

well its from the #tosf quote log

its just blaziniflo being gay

:lol: :lol:

I never used Guile, Cammy, Sagat… I used Guile, Eagle, Sagat