T.O. Arcades

Does anyone know of any other arcades that have 3s besides Orbit?

Downtown Funland and Campus Cove @ York U.

At Funland, there’s 2 3S cabs, the one further to the back has a messed up 1P side.
It’s usually pretty busy in the afternoons.

The arcade at Metro Square
Lovegety ( Markham)
The arcade in Shoppers World ( Brampton )

The one in the back at FL, both sides are messed up… :frowning:

Lovegety is in Richmond Hill

AneurysmX, can you tell me exactly where that is (intersection, inside a mall or building)?

All I can remember is that it’s inside a small plaza, next to that KBBQ place.

Lovegety is in Commerce gate, just one street west of Leslie/Hwy 7 ( in the plaza on the southwest corner ).

Just a quick question, anyone here ever play at Woodbine Centre before it closed (lower level beside the movie theatre)? I know the comp wasn’t that great, but I spent alot of time there, so this was just a random thought while reading through these posts.

Woodbine probably had the best 3S comp on the west end… Most likely because the only other place that has it is SW, and no one plays there… >_<

Funland starts getting alot 3s comp around 3pm

I had alot of fun playing there and put in alot of hours in, but I didn’t think the comp was that great except a few select players (an Akuma player, a Necro player and a guy that I see from time to time at York U). Other than that, there were alot of low level Shoto-Scrubs there, mainly for practice I guess…

Heh… Faisal’s Makoto gets no love.

I’m curious to know what happened to Woodbine’s 3S cab. It was generally considered the best US stick 3S cab in the GTA.

Well as it stands, the arcade has not been “cleaned out” yet meaning that the cabs are still there. As for it being considered the best US stick in the GTA…I agree. It was a very good stick. I heard they were going to open that arcade again, but I doubt it.

P.S. Who’s Faisal? Middle Eastern guy? Uses Ken alot?

I grew up in Etobicoke and moved to Scarborough at age 12 (I’m now 18), but I still visit Woodbine Center now and then. The game selection at that place (I think it was called Wizard’s Castle) was pretty good, and I remember at one point, they had 2 Third Strike machines. I miss the Galaga machine they used to have there a while back… :sad:

For all you SCARBOROUGH heads, there’s always Techtown in Famous Players Theatres at Scarborough Town Center mall. They got Soul Calibur 1, and used to have a broken up MVC1 machine, but now they replaced it with a brand new, wide screen Tekken 5 machine!! There’s also a few other non-fightin games there, too, such as House of The Dead, Time Crisis 3 and a bunch of racin games. The competition at the place isn’t that bad, either. The Tekken 5 machine isn’t drawin crowds, but it’s drawin enough people. Seems like the Soul Calibur machine is still doin well, though. Just today, I faced 3 people in a row within a very very short period of time (hehe, good matches). The only drawback to the place is that often when a machine is broken, it takes forever to be repaired; also, the place is a token arcade. Sorry to all you people carryin bags of quarters… =/

That arcade sucks ass

it’s only the second worst arcade out there
the worst would be any lazer quest arcade area