T.Hawks KO cry may be horrible, but I knew It sounded familiar

I see what you did there Capcom… :rofl:

And it’s just a coincidence that Billy is Indian too huh? LMAO

His scream reminds me of Chucky from Child’s Play.

T. Hawk’s scream doesnt sound too much like that lol. I wish Capcom would of gave him a different voice, but I think they feared if they gave him a stereotypical Native chief voice saying How and stuff would offend the natives and they dont want more racist claims like they got when Resident Evil 5 was out lol.

Doesn’t he say how in his Ultra 1?

Did the British cause a uproar because Dudley’s A Snooty English Boxer who sounds like John Cleese?

Rofl. Are you kidding? They’re in no way related. An accent true to the character’s nation of origin is not offensive. And he’s not as much snooty as he is a gentleman, another favorable trait. Boxing is a respectable sport and John Cleese is British.

Native Americans using phrases like “How” and using the typical “Chief” voice is, in many respects, reflective of the demeaning nature in which Native Americans were portrayed in early forms of media, by white men wearing “red-face,” acting like savages and raping white women. His current design layout and the way he sounds make him much more modern, like a 7 foot tall Sherman Alexie character. What I don’t understand is his virtual lack of an accent. I mean, he’s Mexican…not U.S. American, so shouldn’t his English reflect that in some manner?

He’s actually not 100% confirmed to be Mexican (he could be, but hear me out). He and his tribe had to move to Mexico because Bison drove them away from their land. Your point still stands though.

Better using the word Indians instead of native americans.
It’s similar to say a black man niger.It’s sound racist.
History tells that.And indians don’t like to be called like that.
So at list some respect to Indians.
Many will tell that is similar to Indian word from India.
But it’s not the same because in many countries are different words.

or better yet rufus is a insult to americans because he’s fat
i don’t find t.hawk to be that offensive
and even if you do

just think about how good hawk is in SSF4
when has a Indian fighting game character been such a destructive beast?

Man i agree with you about Rufus.
But it was Capcom’s decision to make this character american.
It’s not ofcourse a national thing like T.Hawk but yes i agree with you about that.
But if you think it even he is fat is too strong and that present America’s strong power and ofcourse he is interesting because he is fat and he is very fast.Like Bob in Tekken.

He is not a beast.When Tier lists comes out you will see the truth.He is good but not a beast.
Also why not an Indian been a strong character.American and Worldwide history tell us that Indians were strong warriors and fighting with their forest spirit believes.
I have study Indian history because i like very much Indians (also the right word is Indians of America by the way) that’s why i love this character and is true that Indians were proud warriors with combat skills and great workers.
Do you know why they called them Indians?The true story.
When Europeans went to find America they were going at first to find India.
So they went west.When they find America and this people they called them Indians because they think they found India.
It was a mistake back then but it was the right name which it represents their nation until now and to not misunderstand from the people form India they called them Indians of America.And it’s true that they are more Indians in U.S now than Mexico and Brasil or generally south America.Native Americans is a word that usually say people politicians from Congress or other political places of America.But Indians don’t like that.It’s racist.
So if you want to say something more right you can say Indians from America.

america is fat statistic wise! look at all the obese children running…excuse me… walking around! the world sees us that way, how many of you here are overweight? hmmm? i know im not…but thats not the question.lol many stereotypes are based in fact, usually due to the race’s origin (region), lifestyle, or when it reached its highest power or popularity. but then again steretypes are offensive to many because it doesnt apply to all. im american im not fat. etc

it’s always tier lists with you guys
you know iron tager was labeled the worst character in blazblue
but that didn’t stop mike z from using him at tournaments

That would have been priceless if Capcom had the kitsch humor to use that sound byte! :lol:

What disappoints me most with Hawk aurally is, obviously his voice, but more so that he doesn’t have a taunt where he does an Indian war/rain dance! I always loved hearing Cheif Thunder (KI) do his Ultra combo.
(…wait a sec! :wtf:).

An extension of this could have been a better Ultra where he started with his customary Typhoon windmill, but instead of slamming his opponents to the ground (and sitting on them >_>), he could have just placed them down gentle-like, leaving them dazed, then proceeded to do a war dance in front of them (complete with chant) and BAM!! - suddenly KO’d them with an uppercut or something! :badboy:

I would have paid US$60 for that alone! :pray:

Nice thought Sablicious about the war/rain dance.
It could be an interesting thing to add.

Also this sounds interesting.
There are many choices to give a unique style to an Ultra or a Super move but i think they been lazy. :stuck_out_tongue:
Also about the names of special moves.
We saw a lot of moves with words like Tornado,Hurricane,Typhoon and are so similar.
Are there any words to give? Really!
Also some names are completely random or irrelevant with the move.
I mean look at T.Hawk’s second Ultra.Raging…what?Slash.Were is the slash in all this movie-combo lol
At the end?lol
They can give a better name though.

Unless ‘slash’ is being used figuratively (ie. to urinate), as in, Hawk’s ‘pissing’ on you/your opponent(!) - highly unlikely considering Capcom’s increasingly kiddy leanings - I think this is just another example of either laziness or something lost in translation.