T.hawk replays! plzzzzzzzzzzz check it out!

extremely good replays with hawk, you will not be disappointed i GUARANTEE YOU WILL LIKE THEM xD check em out and leave some feed back go!!!

OK, I’m not trying to be mean. Really, I mean that. This isn’t one of those times when someone says, “I’m not trying to be mean, but your mom’s a bitch!” This is 100% constructive criticism and I want to see you get better. It?s not an attack at all and I hope you don?t get offended. Also, keep in mind that I?m not the best T. Hawk, but I know my limitations and I have good grasp on how good/bad I am. You could very well be better than me and may be able to beat me 9 out of 10 times, but I can still see some things what will impove your game. OK, here goes:

It reminds me a lot of the way I used to play Zangief in SF4 when I first started out. And I’ve gotten a lot better since then.

You’re EXTREMELY, HIGHLY, VERY, MEGA, ULTRA, SUPER addicted to special moves. T. Hawk has some of the best normals in the game and those normals are a big part of his game. IMO, they’re the biggest. To not use them is to miss out on a lot of opportunities to deal damage. This CANNOT be overstated.

I?m at work with nothing better to do so I took the liberty of actually counting your normals.

In the 12 rounds you posted, you used 33 normals (this isn?t counting the body splash, which would slightly raise this number). This is counting all normals thrown out, whether they hit or whiffed. That?s an average of 2.75 normals used per round. That?s almost cartoonishly low. And some rounds had 0 normals even attempted. Zero! Which is blasphemy. Also, some of the normals were used accidentally and were really just a failed attempt at an SPD, but I even counted those. And even worse, some of his best normals weren?t used AT ALL. There wasn?t a single cr.LK, cr.MK, cr.MP, st.MK, st.MP, or st.HP even attempted (hit or whiff) across all 12 rounds. And the awesomeness that is his cr.MK is almost mind blowing.

So how to get better? Well, I?ll tell you how I moved beyond scrubbiness with Gief in SF4 (although I?m still not that good because my execution blows, I blame genetics). Watch some videos of tournament-level players or just really good players and copy what they do. Even if you don?t understand it?do it.

A personal story:

I was once a really scrubby Zangief (now I’m only kinda scrubby). I would try whiffing Green Hand into SPD all day long, my favorite tactic was empty jump into SPD, I almost never used normals and didn?t know what ?footsies? were, and standing SPDs were a mythical beast. One of the biggest questions I used to ask myself was ?Why the hell do the pro-Zangiefs always throw normals out when the opponent is so far away? He was half-screen and whiffed that st.MP for no reason! WTF?? I never understood it so I never did it. Well, one day I decided to do it and see what happened. I INSTANTLY got better that day and INSTANTLY understood footsies a lot more.My average win rate doubled literally overnight. His st.MP is a relatively safe move to whiff and they do it to stuff moves that are impossible to react to. If I?m intermittently throwing it out I?ll catch all sorts of stuff I could never actually react to. They throw a poke, I hit their limb. They dash in for a combo/throw, I hit ?em. So not only did I hit them, but I also kept them from hitting me. That?s like a 150 health swing, and that?s as much as a LP SPD from T. Hawk. And it?s important to remember that I wasn?t reacting to anything, I was just a good range to throw st.MP and hit all sorts of crazy things. But no explanation can even come close to feeling it yourself.

So that?s my advice to you as Step 1 of your T. Hawk journey. Watch videos, see the pokes they throw out, and emulate that yourself. Throw out those half-screen st.MPs, cr.MKs, st.HPs, etc. At first you won?t understand why you?re doing it, but do it anyway. JUST DO IT and you?ll catch on so fast that you?ll slap yourself for not doing it before. Also, along with doing more normal moves, I?d recommend doing fewer special moves. A lot of T. Hawk?s specials are fantastically unsafe on block (or even hit).

Shameless plug: Go Go here to see his hitbox data.

This is going to sound sorta like Hoblinos post…but not nearly as nice or detailed.
Ten reasons robotecks needs to re-evaluate his Definition of “Extremely Good”:
1.These are NOT good replays. Qaulitys bad, gameplay is bad, opposition is scrubby…
2.No-life-king is a BAD thing not something to brag about. It means a competent opponent would have chipped you for the win.
3.You Constantly use hawk dive just for the hell of it. No position advantage , no chance of hitting. In some cases your scrubtastic opponent fails to punish,it, but you still lose out because you move AWAY from an opponent…
4.Your spacing is basically nonexsistant.
5.Hoblino is right, your throwing out specials when there is no way in hell they are going to work, but a quick or appropriate normal could safely net 200-300 damage.
6.You waste EX bar in situations where there is absolutely NO reason to. ie, you opponent is landing from a jump and you use an EX typhoon when a regular typhoon would serve just as well. OR you use an ex hawk dive when it only hits oncve and a feirce hawk dive would still connect.
7.WTF would anyone EVER open a round with tomahawk buster? ESPECIALLY against vega…
8.Whats with all the typhoons on wakeup? Its an awful plan against any competent opponent and even against the people in these videos it doesnt usually work.
9. Your using body splash wrong…its SOOO easy to turn a body splash into a combo…why do you always leave it hanging?
10.DEAR GOD LEARN TO USE OTHER STRENGTHS OF SPECIAL! seriously…lp typhoon is a big part of what makes t-hawk so dangerous.
11.I dont think I saw you land a super or ultra once outside of Butter churning scenarios… Thats not to say you shouldnt churn butter when its appropriate…but really. there are better ways to land it.
12.Your video descriptions seem to imply you beleive that BP/PP hold value…this is borderline retarded.
13.Jump less.
14.dont random Tomahawk buster. Its way worse than Random Shoryuken; at least random shoryuken stands a slim chance of hitting something.
15.I could keep going but really this should be enough for you to work on for now… and I said ten reasons at the top…

I just watched them they do seem very special move heavy , which I understand.I myself tend to just rely on my SPD and ultra.All I do is focus on trying to get in range so I can grab them.My question to Hoblino and others willing to give pointers is,what makes(in your opinion)a good thawk player? I’m trying to learn what people are going to call scrub and noob so I’m not consider either.I tend to have a tuff time against fireball zoning types(guile,Ryu,sim). Getting inside takes tons of effort and I take tons of damage in the process.

Short story - Today playing thawk I won maybe 4 in a row against the same guy, then he picks thawk mirroring me.Then he beats me just using condor dive spam, I guess to make me feel bad.Well it worked I started watching my replays and noted my damage, while 80% of all my damage is SPD’s and ultra. I tend to use dive alot for zoning and movement.In my mind I don’t spam Dive but I think he sees it this way.I’m just playing at at lower level than most I think.

Any help and advice is very welcome.

In general terms, a good t-hawk will use spacing mixups to his advantage and work his way in carefully against zoners, punishing them for any mistakes, and in any match will force his opponent to make high risk decisions, while mapping out his opponents most likely reactions to a given situatuion. In short, a really excellent t-hawk will know what his opponent is going to do before they do…hmm that may be a bit too general it applys to sf4 grapplers.in general not just thawk…

More specifically, Good T hawk players will:
-use hawk dive when there is an opening for it, ie nuetral jump and then dont hawk dive until AFTER they commit to something. If you jump THEN they fireball you can hawk dive safely, ditto for dragon punchs, but you have to do the hawk dive pretty late. In short, dont hawk dive an opponent whos just standing there.
-Vary the strength on the condor spires, and use the one most appropriate to the distance from their opponent, Learn to mix up your reactions to a blocked condor spire. Learn to mix up intentional whiffs with possible hits/blocks.
-Hawks got a really great oki game. LEARN IT! USE IT! LOVE IT!
-Learn Hawks normals… I would list the important ones, but I would wind up listing nearly all of them. Start in training mode by figuring out their attributes, then work them into your game.
-Remember its usually better to get lp.SPD+oki than it is to get hp.spd
-Use Safe Jump after lp.spd This isnt something your prolly going to do everytime, but when you see it, its generally an indication of a competent player. I dont think scrubs are aware of safejump since they only use the feirce punch button.
-Use crossover dive.
-Learn and use the folowing combos, especially on wakeup:
–jump in lp xx dive

As far as defeating dive spam, all you have to do is block the dive, then punish with st.hk

thanks for the advice yall FOR REAL!!! i really take the advice as constructive criticism, but if it is of any relevance these videos were taken a month and a half ago and those replays were all within a several days so i was ultra noob in those vids even when i watch them. i play hawks who play like i do in those vids and i punish them, well better than in those vids, bc i really didnt (x_x) i’m still learning my footsie work my spacing set ups if there is anything else you guys can tell me me let me know xD

Too much mashing specials out at random and winning because of the hack opposition and the inherently mash friendly and match-up centric gameplay of SFIV. And the dives… so… many… dives! :looney:

Thus, and going U1 is an insto-fail with Hawk, as you may as well go a far superior 'Gief in this case… plus it looks naff. :coffee:

I cant thank the people who contributed to this page enough. I’m trying to learn T.Hawk at the moment and was falling into some of the short falls you guys mentioned (relying totally on specials). SRK has a reputation for hating on new players but my experience (short as it is) has been overwhelmingly positive. Thanks again