T. Hawk hacked version

I sent an e-mail over to error1 (the guy that does all the character hacks) and asked him if he could do the following changes. These are all just for exhibition obviously since nobody besides him can really use the hacked version, but still might be fun to see. Anything else you guys want to add to see if he can do? You could also PM him on YT (http://www.youtube.com/user/error00001)

-Combo into U2 by EX Spire (maybe on counter hit only)
-regular grab range increased by .02 or something minor, it just whiffs on most of the cast unless he’s right in their face.
-Combo into light DP by crouching MK
-Slight (I mean really slightly-can’t make him too fast) increase in move speed
-Input motion change to hadouken+k for Spire (I don’t know if you can change inputs with your hacks)

If you guys vote up my comment “T. Hawk” he will do him next. He said whoever votes the most in the comments will be done - there’s 59 for Gen, so start "thumbing up"

I voted up T Hawk. I’d like, just once, to see T Hawk not be absolute shit :frowning:

I got something in the works…oh man…and it potentially answers a lot of the questions we have about 2012.

Give you a hint: SRK+K motion for spire is …just…it maeks me feel excited about the character again. Felt like when AE came out.