T.Hawk Challenge Mode Combo Help

For those of you who played T.Hawk’s Challenge mode/Trial mode, put your questions here / best way to perform the combos in order to achieve the challenges.

Just keep combos and strats on this thread. Keep discussion in other threads.

T.Hawk trials video walkthrough:


Some tips:
1.- Mexican Typhoon only needs a 270 degrees motion (not 360), the Super & Ultra moves only needs 540 degrees instead of the 720 degrees and you can start it from any direction.

Here is a list of the challenges unconfirmed:


  1. Light Punch, Medium Punch
  2. Light Punch, Crouching Medium Punch
  3. Medium Punch, Medium Punch
  4. Hard Punch, Crouching Medium Kick
  5. Light Punch 2x, Crouching Light Kick
  6. Medium Punch, Tomahawk Buster
  7. Medium Kick, EX-Condor Spire
  8. EX-Condor Spire, EX-Tomahawk Buster
  9. Light Tomahawk Buster, EX-Tomahawk Buster
  10. Jumping Hard Punch, Light Punch 2x, Medium Punch
  11. Jumping Down + Hard Punch, Crouching Light Kick, Tomahawk Buster
  12. Focus Attack, Light Punch, Medium Punch, EX-Tomahawk Buster, EX-Condor Dive
  13. Jumping Hard Kick, Medium Kick, EX-Condor Spire, EX-Tomahawk Buster, EX-Condor Dive (Corner)

Any news on whether Hawk’s U2 hits large opponents like 'Gief and Sagat while they’re standing?

Out of alllllll the videos of Hawk… I’'ve seen ONE U2 actually hit. Doesn’t look to promising if it’s going to be that strict. (especially considering how good Hakan’s AA Ultra is…)

That being said… not sure on hitting tall characters.

The last combo on that list doesn’t need to be in the corner, on the Gametrailers(?) preview video, you clearly see T.Hawk do that particular Trial at mid-screen.

My guess (totally baseless) is that it’s incredibly VERTICAL so they’d have to be right next to you and neutral jump or try to cross up. We’ll see though. Sounds meh.

I can maybe see his U2 hitting if they jump backwards on wakeup. If it does, then that creates a pretty bad situation on knockdown. Stand there= Eat a 360, Jump back or up=Eat ultra. I can also see it as a way to keep people off you. In order to get in to do damage they have to fight through some great looking pokes or jump in on you and with U2 it might be incredibly risky to jump in.

That said, I’m afraid it might end up being too strict of timing to hit, but after seeing some of his footsies I’m excited about how much space he can potentially control. Also, we should probably move this discussion out of the combo thread :confused:

I tested comboing U2 off of ex condor spire both in mid screen and in the corner and it does not work…

not surprising but it is nice to just confirm it.

Jesus. Why is it so hard to cancel m.k. into Ex Spire.

I must be missing something, but this is much harder than it was to mash out SRKs with ken or ryu!

Edit: Nvm. I’m stupid.

/\ how’d you do it? Finished all but this one.

Heh, I did 24 before 23, as well. I’m slower (sigh, still!) at doing reverse-SRKs on the 1P side, so I switched sides to do it. You might also try forward+K, then down, downforward + two punches as a way of doing the input faster/closer.

Just practice the mk xx spire part, when you get that down the rest is easy.

only one of his trials I had trouble with.was the FA to jab MP ex TB ex dive only cause the jab after the focus kept whiffing. Dan Haas a bit of a weird hit box during his crumples either that or hawk is to damn big.

23 can go to hell. I keep failing to cancel mp to ex tomahawk.

For trial 23, you gotta wait a few frames after the focus cancel dash to start the lp > mp link, and start inputting the tomahawk so that it comes out immediately after the mp. I do it as FA, dash in, wait a few frames, lp > f+mp >d,df+3P*, 3P in air. It’s tricky after that focus dash, but after you get the timing down on the link afterward it becomes tons easier.

(* I just use L1, being on a dualshock pad sorta makes it simpler I guess)

edit: might as well save a post, to get the red titles beat arcade on hardest (blue titles unlock with normal)

I thought i was the only one who found connecting the lp after the FA to be a bit more difficult than it should have been lol, well thankfully i cleared all his trials(without a doubt he has the easiest trials in the game) but i got no red tile, anyone know how to acquire the red tiles?

iam having trouble with #15(standing hard punch to crouching medium kick)

I held the joystick back, hit mk, then mashed the shortcut motion with punches. I don’t condone mashing, but I’ve almost made a solid technique out of mashing this trial.

just remember that is close hard punch and not the far one.

after clos hard punch you can also easily put in standing lp and in some big char even another lp or mp

It would have bee hella easier if Spire had a shortcut.

Not that I condone shortcuts… rather that I diss stupid trials.

Yeah I learned it had no shortcut after I wrote this.