Syracuse "Orange you glad we didn't say Orange"

I’m relatively new to Syracuse area and I go to SU, I was wondering if anyone close by might want to meet up and play? I have Xbox 360 two set ups, I have copies of SF4, Marvel, KOF13 and Garou and I’ll play just about anything.

Did somebody just say… Garou? :slight_smile:

Yes sir, I love that game with a passion.

get ready!!!
everyone needs to come! if this goes well…next year i will be looking at a 2day event

If I make it to the Dust Bowl, I should bring a Garou:MOTW setup along… also WINDJAMMERS.

Looks like its been about a year since any posts. Looking for players in Syracuse.

Looking for a Syracuse FGC…any suggestions.

I’m an old school Tekken player from the area back when you met people in arcades (yes I’m a dinosaur). I also played UMVC3 and a little SF4, but gradually got sick of those games. Since SFV came out I was hoping to find a resurgence of fighting gamers in the area. I’ve got a pad to host and am willing to explore other fighters, but mainly want to focus on SFV. Let me know if you people are out there!

Are you still playing Mr. Coles…Tekken 7 & SF5?

have you met any of the syracuse fgc yet Silence?