Synergy or individualized gameplay?

Is this game based around team synergy like MvC where characters make up more than you think, or is basically SF except you have two characters to play with?

synergy. there are many reasons why but as a good example my team of akuma/marduk has a bad synergy in that if i do a tag combo from akuma to marduk, i cant combo into marduks super cause the opponent is airborn and marduks super doesnt juggle.

other synergys are out there but basically just play the game, realize what things you like/dislike about your team (like my example) and then pick a character that takes care of some of those problems. for instance with akuma it would make better sense for me to find a character where most/all of there moves are applicable to juggle while also having good hp for those times when i need akuma out and healing.


Yeah as he said, it IS about synergy… but it’s a different type of synergy from Marvel games. It’s not quite as heavy of a reliance on partners as Marvel, since you don’t have to have active assists and 3 characters based around a general theme, but in SFxT characters still have weaknesses/strengths, and you have to try to make up for those weaknesses with ur partner, as well as have the strengths be useful for ur partner (as the example in the above post).

It is about synergy but not as much as MvC, for example. If you’re good you can certainly beat a whole team with one character. Personally, I’m still looking for a partner to use with Akuma. Going to go through the whole cast at some point. :slight_smile:

my akuma/duk DOES have good synergy… its just that in 1 or 2 areas they are lacking. now there may not be a better synergy out there for him, or there may be a much better synergy… i dont know most of the cast yet so i dont know how to build my team as of yet. on thing that would be cool for akuma would be to have a team mate that has moves that leave the opposing character standing so that akuma can hit them with fp xx lk tatsu xx fp xx fierce srk… etc etc.

imho akuma needs a beefy teammate, akuma can defintely do work, but if things go badly he needs someone that can back him up with higher hp for bad tagouts while also scaring the opponent away so that he can recover health. marduk does that. my gem set does as well cause i have a gem on marduk that activates if he gets hit 5 or more times… well if i am forced to tag him in a bad position (this can happen all the time) then hes going to get hit by a long winded punish most likely. and having that gem back him up works out GREAT.

the way i see it there at this time are 3 different basic team formations:
streetfighter first with tekken backing aka zoner followed by rusher (streetfighters can safely initiate combos and tekken characters hit hard/ have moves designed purposefully to do long/high damaging juggles. also the tekken characters areweaker to zoning so streetfighters can get in then safe tag out to to the tekken characters (this is what i do with my akuma/duk team)

streetfighter xx streetfighter. probably one of the best teams if the 2nd streetfighter has good damaging juggles. though if a tekken character can get in on this team it could be over for BOTH characters…

tekken xx tekken all rushdown generlly speaking and can get badly skunked by the streetfighters zoning, though its a classic matchup of zoning against rushdown.

and finally the wackest team of all imho tekken xx streetfighter. basically a rushdown team with a zoner to back it up in case of bad matchups, usually has bad tag juggles and making a comeback with a streetfighter rather than a tekken character is harder.

anywho those arent of course set in stone and its all just theory but the hardest teams ive yet had to play were streetfighter xx streetfighter teams as they can be a real mofo to get in on.


why do you do this?


cause its my thing, and i like it?


Great post. I’ve been doing sf xx sf. Maybe I should drop poison for a tekken character because once a tekken guy gets in on me its over.

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Team I hate most at the moment is Ogre/Hugo with power gems. Stupid damage into launchers off of anything. You can play perfectly the whole then die in two mixups. Every combo leads to 40+ %. Ogre just fishes for Blazing Kick launch (which is one of the most retarded moves in the game). Then Hugo comes in with claps into air grab or super. Up close you have to deal with Ogre’s +7 jab frame traps, Hugo’s into, st.hp or tick throws, or just spammed cr.lp into claps.