Sym-Bionic Titan...CN on the comeback? Apparently not


Cartoon Network is coming back strong with this one. The debut of this is on now and it’s looking awesome so far. Basic premise is 2 aliens come to earth, they fit in with regular human teenagers at a high school, but of course they have all kinds of superhuman abilities/transformations…and they can change into a robot form and merge with a 3rd alien robot to become the giant robot that saves the day. The art style looks like the older (better) Star Wars Clone Wars cartoon.

CN is not a lost cause just yet? Discuss.

I’m really liking this show.

It seems pretty scandalous for a kids show:

hope they make a season 2, and 3

wooooowww @ that video lmao. I’m surprised there hasn’t been any complaints yet.


I had forgotten that this was Tartakovsky’s new show. I wasn’t even aware it had come out. I might have to watch a few eps to see if I’d enjoy it.


I think [media=youtube]jq7MM0mmK70&feature=related"[/media]might have sold me on it anyway.

Holy necro. But yeah it’s fine. I’m cool with it. I don’t think it was needed to save CN though. I mean, with Clone Wars suddenly becoming gdlk, it was getting back again.

We’ll never have Toonami back…but of course, there’s always Toonami Aftermath, so I really have no illwill anymore.

Actually [media=youtube]QVOcqwSEuHA"]watching some of the episodes right now on youtube. This show is pretty awesome. [URL=“”[/media] in the first damn episode.

The funniest thing is that, they could probably do an entire episode without forming into Titan…and I don’t think viewers would care all that much. Titan’s more of an afterthought than anything to the true meat of the show.

I could easily see that. I’ve been throughly entertained even when the titan hasn’t shown up. It has a good amount of charm in the main characters.

I was wondering why the general’s voice sounded so freakin familiar…I had to look it up to find out it was John DiMaggio.

Yeah, I literally don’t even think about Titan until villain of the day gets huge (or shows up and is already huge).

Yes yes, more people need to get into this. Someone mentioned in another thread that it’s back on already…? They should’ve kept it grouped with the other action stuff on Fridays— that’s quite a strong lineup if you have Young Justice followed up by Symbionic Titan, Generator Rex and/or whatever Ben 10 and/or Clone Wars. It’s still odd that their golden lineup of this new era begins at 6 though… that’s a bit tough to remember, imo. Good stuff doesn’t usually start coming on that early. “Prime time” is 7 or 8. The only other stuff I’ve ever cared about that comes on at 6 pm is the old Attack of the Show (back when it was worth something) and Jeopardy.

*I’m guessing the booty-shake scene may not have stirred up any controversy since the usual types that like to complain (parent/teacher groups, religious groups and opportunistic politicians…and any other self-righteous douchebags that constantly want to neuter our entertainment “for the sake of the children”. I get angry just thinking about these limp-wristed pieces of shit) simply don’t know of its existence…thankfully. Heh, think of all the other things in the games industry that slipped by simply because those people didn’t know about them–e.g.-- Primal Rage has a fatality where Chaos kills by pissing on the opponent… Saint’s Row 1 and 2 were basically the new era GTA. Fable 2 wasn’t especially detailed in the violence, but you could do things like sell people into slavery, or murder your wife in front of the children, sacrifice people, kill homosexual prostitutes, etc. etc. The list of potentially controversial things they didn’t know about goes on and on.

Anyway, this is still my absolute favorite show on CN right now.

New episode is on now if you didn’t know.

awww…missed it. I need to watch the other episodes online anyway.

It was decent. It seemed geared more toward the army’s involvement, but it seemed more like meh filler.

How 'bout CN puts it on at a reasonably normal time slot? Can we get a normal time slot, please? It’s still tough for me to remember the friday night lineup at 6. I suppose they can’t risk the precious King of the Hill prime time. Who the hell is still watching that shit anyway? It baffles me how that show still gets the ratings.

CN probably doesn’t have high hopes for Titan.

CN will NEVER be on a ‘comeback trail’ unless they bring back Toonami.

I did enjoy Chowder and Flapjack though and The Awesome Show is pretty funny but the MAD Show is pretty stupid. :shake:

/2 pennies


fuck cn for cancelling the genius of chowder.

Why would they bring back Toonami? If they just did it to show the older animes, you can just go to Aftermath for that. And the newer animes are ass. So brining back Toonami would actually be a waste of time.

… I wouldn’t mind watching classics and new anime on Toonami. :shy:

Again, classics are on Aftermath, and a lot more convenient usually. New Anime…yeah…no thanks.

New ep on right now…