Switching sides while ROMing w/o reseting

**switching sides while ROMing without reseting **

i’ve done this by accident enough times to know that it is possible. does anyone know a surefire way of doing this (in terms of height, positioning, timming etc.)

It would be valuable to know how to rom until 40 hits or so and switch sides without reseting and then comboing it into a shockwave. it would be useful if u dont want to risk doing a hypergrav xx magnetic tempest or if u dont want to dhc out.

switching sides while ROMing isn’t new. i saw it in a combovid few years back.

obviously it isnt new, i am asking how to do it consistently

the combovid would help but i’m not so sure what combovid was it. it think it was commy’s combovid.

sj. u/f lk lk, delay the air dash as late as possible, ad d/f lk lk

How do you switch sides while roming with the reset?

You can reset by triangle jumping over them,rom> dash down (pause) lp (combos) land triangle jump over with lk’s to reset, dash under and continue rom to reset, dash under hit low to reset, to name a couple of the many cross up resets.

I think he meant how to switch sides during the rom and reset, not the resets you can do during a rom, eg dash under etc etc.

Like tech said, do the addf lk late. For me I just airdash down (no slide/claw) and then press u.lk. Think of it like the timing for Iron Man’s solo inf set up (s.hk d.hp addf lk lk u.hp inf).

So it’s like sj lk (one lk is better), addf (switch sides), u.lk, rom.

That or sj lk lk, pause (resets), addf lk lk (switch sides). Hard to detect as the timing and appearance of this is similar to a normal rom, hence people might not react and block in time.

hope that helped.

Thanks spore, thats what I meant. I’ll try it out tonight to see whats up.

i’ve been trying this out in the arcade the other day and i’ve been doing it with sj.f lk, lk -delay- ad.df [opposite direction] lk, lk [sometimes it resets]. and i also don’t think that it has much value if you meant it not to reset and combo it into shockwave because the shockwave has very low dmg output and if the opponent doesn’t die after that shockwave, you can’t continue to combo. i’d rather rom and hypergrav xx tempest in the corner and let them mash if they can.

just my 2 cents.

most of the time they can mash, and if u shockwave, it pushes the opponent close to the corner, so u get a free rush down attempt in the corner. its like the end of a 5 fierce

shockwave is good as long as they don’t end up in the corner. great for resets. similar reset strategy as after 5 fierce. if it hits them to the corner, sometimes mags doesnt dash in and you end up even FURTHER away from the opponent. its better if its mid screen that way you can choose which side to attack on.

HG xx MT is still quite effective in the corner. hell, there are midscreen setups that are still quite effective. what you want to do is strategize you’re supers. mags builds up meter damn good. if you’re about to die, save the meter for storm/cable/sent whoever you have. if mags isnt about to die, hell make use of that meter cuz he’s got plenty of life to build up more meter.

eh shockwaving into corner is still good, even if you don’t fs dash right on top of them…

iono, i guess its just me. usually if they get hit in to the corner the shockwave does less hits because the corner will stop them. if you are too close, it just messes up weirdly and you don’t even get the animation you want. and like i said, sometimes magneto wont dash in. i guess thats good if you wanna keep away, but why would mags want to keep away? but for killing off a character i think its good.

oh I thought you guys were talking about shockwaving so your op. ends up in corner, though you don’t dash all the way up to them

not shockwaving into corner while in the end screen (screen with corner) and only getting some hits of SW. yeah that isn’t really that good…but has it’s uses.

wow. i just got negged rep with my last comment. can’t i just get respect with a decent opinion?

anyways, move on forward.

That Magnetro video has a clip where Mags does:

Dash lp, (tic) RH throw into corner, s.RH (both hits)xxMS - c.RH + PsyAAA - whatever rom, rainbow, FP sjc inf, you feel like.

But it only works on Cable and a few others, you have to be able to s.RH after the throw before they hit the ground. I thought it was neat. I dont think its rollable cause of the FS from the Shockwave, but I could be wrong.

i think that switching sides is called the jose garcia reset. i use it very rarely. if u over do it people just block the other way. when i need someone dead right away, i do the reset then do an unmashable tempest into hail storm. also if u do that reset on sentinel it combos easily so to make it reset u gotta delay slightly

uh no. you switch sides while still comboing but while going OVER

put sent in infinite in corner,

start doing more hits


sj 1 2 3 4 airdash down d.lk mp,mk

if you delay it out to the maximum hitstun, magneto will start to float right before he lands.

after you get the proper float bug you can use the same setup but do this instead:

sj 1 2 3 4 airdash df lk, slight delay mp, immediate mk, then sj upforward lp, it will hit as a crossup from under sentinel.This immediately slide magneto into the corner. That setup is so fast that it will sometimes combo, sometimes cross-up from underneath to the backside…

i’m not sure thats the best explanation, so if any of that sounds wierd, post up.

edit: it’s a natural reset basically because of magnetos position+ his lp hitbox + sents blocking position. dumb