Switching from pad to stick

As with all fighting game players, I have spent basically my entire career gaming on a pad. Ever since I found out about the competitive/pro gaming scene, I’ve noticed virtually all of the big name players play on an arcade stick. Why and how that became the standard has always intrigued me. But let me cut to the chase:

As of the previous day, I have now acquired my own arcade stick. It is a MadCatz MvC Fightstick. I’ve spent some time using it, & I see it is going to be an extremely difficult process making the transition from pad to stick. Does anyone have any helpful tips, advice, etc. that they can offer? If so, feel free to comment it below. Thanking you all in advance.

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Just keep at it. Eventually playing on a pad will feel how playing on a stick feels now.

I’m new here, so not too familiar with the sections yet.

A lot of us started in the arcade. I have very little experience playing fighting games on a controller. Really, the only thing you can do is keep practicing. Maybe watch how others play, and experiment with different hand and finger positioning until you are comfortable.

For guys like me, who started gaming in 1980’s arcades, using a joystick is pretty natural. We also picked up pads with home consoles. I guess younger games these days never really had a chance to play in proper arcades. :frowning:

I would recommend using it with more than just fighting games. Try it with some emulators, especially arcade emus like MAME or Finalburn. Play some SHMUPS. Anything to get yourself used to controlling things with a stick and buttons. After a while you may like it more than a pad.

To put it simply, you are suggesting playing other games with an arcade stick to help get accustomed to feel of one?

Out of curiosity, whats with the huge, bold font?

Big name players play on arcade stick, most likely due to the fact that a majority of these top players grew up playing in an actual arcade. That, and using an arcade stick has some pros that make it a preferred choice for a majority of gamers over a pad. Namely, the ability to press a multitude of buttons quickly and accurately with any finger you’d like, and lack of blisters on thumbs.

No real help tip/advice other than to practice, practice, practice. You can experiment with different stick holding positions to figure out what’s comfortable for you. Be sure you can hit all 8 directions on a stick quickly and effectively, without having to cramp up your hand or anything like that. Here’s a handy little tip guide:


Ultimately, it all comes down to practice, practice, practice. No replacement for seat time with a stick.

Ahh I see. Unfortunately, someone has already recommended that guide to me lol. But I thank you for your input.

Should take about a week or 2 depending on how consistent you are. Just DO NOT play pad, even if you’re salty and want a win really bad.

I’ve heard that it takes about 3 months to learn. Either way, I shall definitely be putting time into this. Also, I see you too main Adon. Perhaps when/if I get decent with this thing, we could possibly spar.

Was in your position except the difference is my pad got worn down to the point where it was too shitty to play fighting games and I had no choice but to learn to play on the stick i had lying around…Only advice I can give you is practice…Now I use stick comfortably. Took me a good 2-3 months

Definitely, add me whenever.