Switching from anchor to point?

So the team I currently play is as follow : Nemesis/Dr Doom(missles)/Hawkeye in that order. I’ve recently been having some difficulties with nemesis being opened up easily against anyone with a good rush down game. When nemesis goes down Dr Doom has some difficulty getting started since I have no “get off me” assist and I tend to get bodied in the corner leaving only hawkeye left. So this has got me thinking about changing the order of my team by making hawkeye point followed by nemesis and doom as an anchor. I see some glaring positive and negatives with this new setup. On the positive side, I will now have much better mobility and a helpful assist from nemesis if I’m stuck in the corner along with a good TAC combo into nemesis’s hyper. The negatives would be, poor dhc synergy and lower health. So far this is all theory but I would appreciate some feedback and your own personal opinions on whether you play hawkeye on point or as an anchor.

I’m actually thinking about making the same move, the only problem I see is that Hawkeye isn’t a very good battery, he is a meter hog and you would be loosing his XF3 gimlet. However IMO I think doom is a better anchor than hawkeye,not sure how well Nemesis would do in the second spot tho since I always see him on point. My situation is similar as I’m conteplating moving Hawkeye on point, followed by Cap second with charging star, and Strider as anchor.Haven’t tested it out but it seems it will work. My original team was Cap,Task with vertical arrows and Hawk with triple shot but this team isn’t cutting it, and I love Striders vajra assist.

Doom is a decent battery. You could run Doom/Nemesis/Hawkeye and see what you get. That chip game with plasma and heavy damage/meter build from all combos, with reset opportunities mixed in to meter-less kill characters. Lose Doom, you have Nemesis with Hawkeye assist to help him out long range.

I think Hawkeye is a better anchor than Doom depending on the matchup. For example, If your opponent has Doom as anchor, then you should keep Hawkeye last because that matchup, though winnable for Doom, is still in Hawkeye’s favor. If Wesker is last, then I’d keep Doom as anchor. Maybe it’s because I have a lot of experience with that matchup. The good thing is that you have options.

I played doom anchor since ultimates release and recently picked up hawkeye and put him on anchor now. The doom vs hawk matchup was pretty much the reason I changed my anchors. I’m thinking about magneto as anchor to replace that horizontal assist but I dont know who’d I’d send out that is currently on my team.

Is use greyhound with doom as space control. Butter gun + assist or f+h foot dive and assist are the usual options.

Hawkeye/Dormammu/Doom works incredibly well as of late. Doom assist to cover up pretty much anything and also for incoming pressure, Dark Hole or Liberation both work well for incoming pressure to wave dash and close the gap, and both are good at keeping the mid clear and are OTG.