Sweets battle

Hey I think we gotta hold up on that battle for a while. Things just popped up suddenly with tests and freelance. No excuses, but at least i have it sketched out for now. Just waiting to transfer it on better paper then we can go from there. So what say you?

I feel you. I thought i’d be finished with my work too but it just got a big project to work on. I was actually going to ask you for help but it seem you got your own shit going on. but if your interested pm me. yeah lets hold on the battle. i dont want to post a rush job so say we do it at the end of the month or something and make it worth while.

Beef Jabberwocky

SFMC check you PM box, yar yar yar…

I would battle you guys 2, but I am a lazy punk.

what is this battle about??:wtf: