Sweep BnBs

Hey guys, been playing E. Ryu for awhile and found some interesting stuff.


This first part details new BnBs that lead into meterless untechable knockdowns.

The next two parts will be mix ups from axe kick follow ups from Shoryu FADCs and practical character specific combos.

Other than zangief, I’d say the lk tatsu > sweep was well known on the five. Good find on gief though. Is it reliable after two c.mp or do you have to space the initial hit perfectly?

Edit: Also, when you FADC after a dp it’s sometimes better to use lp or mp. lp is better as it will do 100 damage and raises the most meter. mp would be better if you need the extra distance to reach them and it also does 100 damage. hp does 90 damage, though it does do 50 more stun than either of the previous.