SW Regional Results

Day 1

Tekken 6
1st Crow - Bob
2nd L337V1N337 - Lei
3rd JoJo - Xiaoyu

3rd Strike
1st Dante - Akuma
2nd Jose - Oro
3rd J.D. - Yun

1st R0B0T - Sol
2nd [-_-] - ABA
3rd Ron-O - Eddie

1st Star Dog
2nd K Creecy
3rd KenMastersX

Day 2 Results

1st Magneto-X
2nd Tin
3rd Ranma0005

1st Legendary Gokou
2nd Oscar
3rd NoiNoiPinoy

1st KenMastersX - Saki
2nd Legendary Gokou - Fiona
3rd Last Blade - Lilica

Good shit placing top 3 J.D


Updated with day 2 results

full results?

those are

3 entries per tournament :confused:

So how many people showed up?

PZ is slowly dwindling down like I KNEW it would. I hear it’s moving to a bigger place for more room? Unless PZ has gotten smaller since the last time I went I am pretty sure the current location can accommodate a regional tourney with 20 participants. Maybe it has nothing to do with size as much as it does a cheaper way? Kind of like how it seemed weird that PZ was having half price days, since when has PZ discounted anything other than that old ass pocky that they had an abundance of and were trying to get rid of before it became a loss. Also, when they go and apply for the loan on the new building, are they going to list the money owed to the Japanese players as a liability on their balance sheet or are they just going to hide it somewhere in the equity section like all the sneaky companies do? Just wondering.

On a different note, I heard about a certain two people getting “jumped” by some random guy, but I don’t see how 1 person can “jump” 2 people. Anyways, the random guy might have been big so no hate on the 2 people that got “jumped”, but supposedly there was like 6 other niggas just standing in front of PZ and didn’t do shat. To the 2 “jumped” people, you need to remember who those 6 people were and cut their balls off since they don’t use them, I mean im sure there are people in some third world country that wishes they had balls that they could just waste. Good thing emotiger doesn’t ban people for, as big chris calls it, bitchassness, b/c if he did there’d be 6 new people added to the ban list. Then again, emotiger runs PZ on bitchassness so to ban those people would just be hypocritical of him.

Lastly, why wasn’t this tourney stickied then I would’ve been able to know about it and show up?!?!?! Who’s going to the weeklies tuesday, post up!

I leave this post with the quote of the month. “I KNOW I HAVE A PHOTO SHOOOOOOOT!”

Hey, didn’t know some guys got “jumped” there, what day did that happen?
I don’t think ranma applied for the sticky thing a week before the event, eh either way. The turn out was indeed horrible.

I’ll be at weeklies for 3s and AH2, what do you play usually?

Like you knew Stargate was closing when it did? There were actually 40+ people who attended the Regionals altogether, but I would expect numbers to be off from somebody who didn’t attend and bases everything on hearsay. About the new location, fighting games happen to only be one aspect of what they do at PZ. Unlike what most of SRK seems to believe, the world doesn’t revolve around fighting gamers. It was a low turnout, but its not the end of the universe for PZ even though I know you and your buddies are cheering for it, sorry to burst your bubble.

Now this is straight up talking out of your ass, absolutely NONE of ya’ll would have done shit! More than likely ya’ll woulda either run like hell or jumped in your cars, e-thuggin doesn’t work IRL! People get banned people they did something to deliberately harm business at PZ. Since ya’ll like to hide behind the “Freedom of Speech” excuse, have ya’ll heard of “Right to Refuse Service”? Bottomline, don’t be a dumbass and things would be fine.

I don’t understand why everybody and their mom has to try and be a polititian or a civil rights activist everytime they hear something. People talking the most noise are people that have either never been here, have been here once, or hardly come at all. In most or all cases, they aren’t local, so obviously it doesn’t matter to them at all as to what happens to this arcade or the scene down here in general. None of them are a big part of whats been happening with the scene down here for a longtime. San Antonio, Austin, and Dallas were a huge part of the scene back in the day, but all of them have been rebuilding their player base. Everybody keeps saying the scene is too small to allow things to happen that hurt it, well has anybody realized yet how much politics seems to fuck shit up more? This is fucking Street Fighter, not the Presidential election, its not the Gulf War, its a friggin game!

You enjoy playing a game and playing other people, thats what this stupid thing is supposed to be about. Regionals and other tournaments are supposed to do two things, test yourselves in a true tournament setting against out of towners and prove who’s tops in town. Weeklies have always been for practice, Regionals was the test. Even if there aren’t out of towners, theres always the test to see who’s best in H-town. Whatever anybody thinks or hears, I wish people would try and see the repercussions of what they do. Obviously to 99% of SRK, it doesn’t matter what happens down here, it only hurts the players here. If you enjoy shooting yourselves in the foot, I ain’t gonna stop you, I’m just hopin ya’ll are doing it for yourselves and not because somebody is telling you to.

I never cared about what gets stickied and what doesn’t. If it wasn’t stickied then I guess Javi didn’t sticky it, boo hoo. Seeing as everybody was at your buddy Big Chris’s Friday night and Saturday night; and you haven’t been to one weekly yet since Showdown, I’ll go ahead and add the sarcasm tags to your quote. Good luck with your photo shoot!!!

I don’t have a car, and unfortunately the people interested in going from here in Austin were too busy so I couldn’t bum a ride to this regional.

Putting this aside, let me just point out that there were a lot of tournaments that same weekend. Just the FFA tournament in cali draws the majority of the out of towners. There were also other tournaments anounced in TZ. I don’t know about all the drama with PZ, I actually think this was the lesser of the two evils.

If I were there I would have played at least T6, 3S, MVC2, AH2 and T5DR even if it was not on the list :looney: Oh well, next time I’ll have a car lol

That woulda been great if you coulda made it! It was still a great time there. Maybe next time if it still is a problem getting a ride out here. Send me a PM or something, I’d be more than glad to help you out if possible. The more of the community that helps out, the better things will be!

Besides, I always enjoy meeting new folks interested in what I love.

Damn! 6>1
I guess that what happens when you go to PZ.

I see it clearly now.:wow:

That nigga Emotiger is hiring niggas to beat ya’ll ass
so he can figure a protection tax into PZ prices .
Don’t be surprised if games go up a half point or so.lol

DAMN! I gota tell ya I would have never thought of some shit like that,
MY Nigga, Keepin it really hood.

At first I was wondering how on earth did six niggas let 2 of the niggas
they were with get “JUMPED” (Rofl) by one dude no matter how big he
was. But Seeing how sensitive you got when it was mentioned, I’m guessing
you were one of the people who were out there, that I can understand.

Not questioning your physical ability, but you’ve let PZ back-door you for so long
there’s no surprise that your incapable of helping anyone else.

As far as the regional goes thats the best that PZ is going to get from now on
sorry, nah not really, it’s about time
It’s fucked up how yall suckered my boy Suavion into a five man cvs2 tourny.
You guys just need to let it go.



god, i feel bad for chris, still trying to run tournaments for such a bunch of ungrateful shits (who are the minority).

…from the looks of the results, i see great competition. it would’ve been worth the trip to go.

if you guys have problems with how PZ and Ranma runs the tournaments, then make your own fucking tournaments. until then, you have shit. i see a lot of bitching and whining, and not enough “doing something about it”.

stop bitching.

you guys have a dependable arcade to go to; we don’t…not anymore. our best arcade used to cater to ungrateful shits like you; that’s how the business folded. another case in point: Stargate.

if you idiots like how some of the other cities now are total wastelands in terms of arcades, come over here and get stuck playing on console for all eternity.

man just saw 21 and its not that bad of a movie.

kate bosworth is cute.


Oh yeah, OK

First of all no one has a problem with ranma
I know I don’t. I felt like ranma and I were cool before PZ
came along.
I think deep down he know s that something isn’t right and it’s not the players fault. Everyone on this side has a tremendous amount of respect for chris, well HAD, until now. So whenever we say Fuck PZ it’s not a personal attack towards chris it only seems that way because he always rushes to their defense.

But since he continues to represent that company and what they stand for
I guess it has to be Fuck him too, and Fuck You if you disagree

I don’t mind playing on console which I have been doing for past 6 months
only because the only other option is going to PZ which will never happen again.

I’ll see yall at Evo…!:tup::tup:

Actually, if I was there to get involved with the fight it probably woulda got ugly. As I recall, last time we had a real argument, I had to be talked out of a physical confrontation. If it seemed like I was agitated it was because it involved people I knew getting hurt and find it disrespectful to joke about something like that. Seems more like ya’ll were taking my post more personal than I was to be honest. I just don’t see the point of playing the politics game when it comes to a local gaming scene. Like its been said before, the scene is small enough as it is.

But then again, like I said, everybody’s entitled to their own opinions, I simply stated mine. Sorry if any of ya’ll took it personal, but thats just how I see it. None of what ya’ll are doing helps anybody, especially not the players and the scene here. Politics is what is preventing you from playing at PZ, was it anything personal that happened to you specifically? Because if there was, I’m sure it could be discussed or worked out. Otherwise, if its personal reasons, then obviously that can only be worked out on your own terms. Now if ya’ll are firmly committed to being against PZ, then fine thats your own decision and I can respect that. What I can’t respect is the need to blowhorn your thoughts all over events that don’t have anything to do with ya’ll. If ya’ll don’t wanna attend and have no desire to participate, then just part ways and leave things be. If you don’t wanna come to PZ, then don’t go, but at the same time thats your own opinion, don’t try and force that on others.

Good luck at Evo!

The only reason I don’t go to pz anymore is because of the sticks. Personally I like the very first marvel setup yall had.

I’ll go ahead and add the sarcasm tags for you too. If you were there, you probably would’ve just tried to shoot fierce fireballs or kick soccer balls at him which doesn’t work IRL. I guess you feel that you have top tier street cred since some people held you back from some incident a while back? Rolling with those fools from PZ is definitely putting a blemish on that credit score. What reasoning is there for calling me an E-Thug, have I ever came in here talking big then backing down, if so, remind me please? First off, I don’t get on here talking shat to everyone about IM GONNA FUX0R YOU UP NEXT TIME I SEE YOU AT THE ARCADE BLAH BLAH MOTHER FUCKERRR SHIT DOESNT WORK IN REAL LIFE ILL MURK YOU. Second, if I did, i’d have no problem doing what I said eye are el.

It seems as if I somehow struck a nerve or hit a touchy subject with you. Gene was right when he said that this stuff is directed towards PZ but I guess somehow it seems towards you since you feel the need to defend PZ so hard.

Also, even though you probably won’t or can’t admit it, PZ does some pretty questionable stuff that you know isn’t right. If you think that they wouldn’t throw you under the bus in a second to benefit themselves, you’re blind. Kinda like how they flew those Japanese players in because they knew those anime people would eat it up and it would make their convention look better, when behind the scenes they treated them like shat. That’s how you know PZ isn’t TX material, no southern hospitality. Also, they were real quick to post that picture of Kevin when he was upset with his head down after losing at the SBO qualifier 2 years ago, because they knew it would make all the gaming stuff seem that much more epic. They didn’t care that hey this man is our friend and it’s obvious that’s he’s upset over this shit, they saw a photo opportunity. All they care about is themselves, which is fine, make your money PZ, but when ppl start trying to preach that PZ is the best thing for the gaming scene right now, that’s b.s. If anything, that betch has separated more friends than a controlling girlfriend.

Either way Chris it’s all video games, no big deal. I’m not saying this because im scared of the real life thuggishness you possess or the high street cred score that you’ve built up, but because anytime we’ve played marvel together at arcades you’ve been pretty cool. Also, I don’t think any of the marvel players would have a problem with you wanting to join on the weekends to play, even if you ask because PZ has closed down, because it’s going to pretty soon :-/ .

Oh yeah and the whole ‘jumping’ incident, yeah the guys that just watched are bitches in my book. call it e-thugging if you want, I would’ve tried to do something.

Ok you get on here and post, bitching about people needing to stop bitching. You’ve canceled yourself out, welcome to the losers bracket, it’s still 2/3 games but be careful. As far as having a dependable arcade :looney: GTFO Mufasa, Lion King wasn’t even that good of a movie anyways.

i’ve heard of “shit” and not “shat”, and “bitch” isn’t “betch”

what the fuck are you man? british?

get real.

and talking in game speak is whole-heartedly gay. it’s ok if you gay, you know.

your name sounds like a Preparation-H reject.

This will be the last I comment on this cause its drastically off topic and the back and forth does nothing for anybody.

True, my MvC2 skillz would definitely not be as solid as yours, your run and fly away tactics would definitely be more useful in a real fight. So unless you’re packing something serious in that man purse of yours I would lay off saying who does and who doesn’t have “street cred”. Talking a mile a minute on the interwebs when you and the others hardly say anything in person pretty much constitutes e-thug. Examples would be everytime ya’ll post vs the next day when ya’ll showed up at the arcade. But in all seriousness, I have no beef with ya’ll. If ya’ll do, it ain’t hard to find me to discuss it.

Honestly, if you actually read my post, I already said I’m not really taking anything personal. Stuff with PZ and its events are business. The stuff you’re listing doesn’t really have anything to do with any of ya’ll except having an opinion. Sorry if that knocks ya’ll down on the importance level, but those incidents were handled between the parties involved. All this 3rd party speculation and conversation really doesn’t pertain to the true problem.

The scene has gotten smaller and smaller, and people are trying to use politics to justify their positions on this. In the end it doesn’t matter. Once its gone, its gone. You think it can stay alive with 10 year old games that 4-5 people play huddled around a DC or PS2 in somebody’s house? Don’t ya’ll notice its really just trying to emulate an arcade experience? It just reminds me of an incident where my friends were more upset about me getting screwed over for a job then I was. In the end it really didn’t help anything. Instead of bitching up a storm, and wanting to show “Southern Hospitality”, why don’t ya’ll do something? Sittin around the computers wanting to trash whatever says PZ or whatnot, when ya’ll should be trying to rebuild a player base. Grab those Gally kids, hold your own tournaments, whatever. Say whatever you want about PZ, its still just bitching to bitch. Why don’t you be more productive and do something positive for the scene or players in general then? And no, simply inviting random out of towners to your house doesn’t count, I mean holding an event or a tournament or some kinda grand scale gathering.

Like I said about PZ, they have more things on their plate besides fighting games, so if anything fighting gamers may have more to worry bout than anybody else. If console releases come out hella late, doubtful too many arcades in the US will be able to import everything coming out. As much as I appreciate the invitation, I grew up in arcades and have hated consoles since the dawn of time.

As for the jumping, I would have loved to see what you would have attempted to do in that situation, but in all honesty I’d rather not have anybody I know have that kinda shit happen to them at all.

Lion King was a good movie, don’t hate.