SVGL weekly tournment 2/22/03 results

1st. John Choi
2nd. Jason Nelson
3rd. Kim Han
4th. Campbell Tran

1st. Randy Lew
2nd. Michael Resphone
3rd. Steve Yoo
4th. Liquidmetal

1st. John Choi
2nd. Campbell Tran
3rd. Eric Choi
4th. Hiro

1st. Ben Cureton
2nd. Eric Choi
3rd. Crackpron
4th. Steve Yoo

Did liquidmetal play CVS2?

If so, who did he lose to?

i keep missing these tourneys!!um can someone post the teams for all the games(except cvs2)

i know that liquid metal lost to jason nelson in cvs2. it seem like he coudln’t do customs on jap stick.

1.randy lew [cable/sent/commando]
2. mike r. [sent/storm/commando]
3. steve yoo [storm/sent/commando]
4. liquidmetal [cable/sent/cyke]

I think you meant american stick.