SVGL NCR Dec 15-16th (TK5:DR, CvS2, MvC2, SF3:3S)

NCR makes its triumphant return!

This time around, SVGL will be the home for NCR taking place on Dec 15th and 16th. Team tournaments will take place Friday night 15th, singles will take place on Sat 16th.

Tournaments for the following games will be held on both days:

SF3: 3S

Friday night team tournaments will start at 730PM:

The team format will utilize Game Newton’s 2on2 format.

Each team will consist of 2 players. The first player from each team will face off and play 1 full game then step off. Then the remaining player from each team will face off against each other. If both players from one team wins, that team is declared the winner and advances. If there is a 1-1 tie, then the winning player from each team will face off against each other for the tie breaker.

Team tournaments will be $20 per team. Double elimination bracket.
Top 2 split pot 75%, 25% (1st place in CvS2 will get 75% + $100)

Saturday Singles Tournament rules:
Each tournament will be $10 to enter
Double elimination
2of3 match set. Finals 3of5 (Note: Number of games may change pending resources and number of entrants)
Top 3 split pot 70%, 20%, 10% along with token prizes (1st place in CvS2 will get 70% + $100)

Signups until noon. Tournaments will begin at 1PM.

NOTE: Keith Ho and Keystone productions have graciously donated sponsorship money to the CvS2 tourneys. 1st place in both CvS2 singles and teams will have an extra $100 added on top of the pot.

You can be sure there will be tough competition from many top Evo placers such as:

Ricky Ortiz (CvS2 2nd)
Bronson Tran (TK5 2nd)
Buktooth (CvS2 4th)
CaliPower (3S 7th)
Combofiend (CvS2 3rd)
Chunksta (MvC2 2nd)
Hail and Kill (CvS2 7th)

and possibly more!

All tournaments require a miniumum of 8 entries.
Rules are subject to change at any time.

Good luck to all!

can anybody beat me/any player wonder combo???



where’s my cuttlefish at

I have $20 bounty on anybody that eliminates Bronson from either TK tourney. :lovin:

Hell yea I’ll be there for sure

We’re tryin to do this like a real major this time around so entry is $10 instead of $5. Cmon people you got 3 months to put away $10 for this tourney so lets get that big turnout. More money usually = guys trying harder to win, so I’m sure you’ll see the comp higher than ever in past recent memory. Winning team and singles entrant for CVS2 get that extra $100, so let’s do this…

If people want to start posting teams and what not just do so in this thread, and I’ll keep track of all that shit in this post.

  • tippy


*i’ll make up team names for people who don’t mention any…

Fiendtooth: The Return Of The Honeycreepers?!?!?
campbell “buktooth” tran / peter “combofiend” rosas

Choi likes em young
john “choiboy” choi / gene “hak” wong

vietnamese bearclaws
bronson “insanelee” tran / albert “albertC” carmona

alcoholics anonymous
steven “cableguy” gonzales / anthony “nEEzy” leon

3S TEAMS (1):

downE ass niggas
john “choiboy” choi / ricky “mexican strangler” ortiz


Please please PLEASE lets get the 2p side of cvs replaced before the tourney…that thing just sucks.

Cuttlefish reporting for duty

Im there for sure.

this is Chunk posting:

Choi is the trillest mang, thank you for being able to have NCR held at SVGL once again. Hopefully it’ll bring the fighting game spirit back :]

We’ll make sure there will be plenty of hype for every game in the intense matches (we dont wanna lose our voices haha), ya’ll know what’s up!


P.S. I like Choi for $100 vs. the world at SVGL for cvs2, get at me.

i’ll only go if keith stops mentioning my sisters lusciousness.

no deal.

Oh please. Like Keith is really interested in your sister…

…watch that ass Gene…

…and good shit takin’ that fool’s money…AND makin’ him drive to you to give it up.

I’m coming (on Gene’s sister).

i’m coming for dim sum

Fiendtooth: The Return Of The Honeycreepers?!?!?

weird ass team name you got there. Tooth Fiend.

I support tekken and bronson tran bounty set by choi boy. Get your bronson tran™ hunting gear.
what the heck is up with hail and kill’s avatar???

im a bronson tran fan boy. thinkin about changing it to keith though.

How’s this for a CVS2 team. Bronson Tran + Albert C

I know everyone is shaking in their boots…