SVGL 12/20 results

To all the people that requested me to have an extra tourney this week: WHERE THE HELL WERE YOU FOOS??

MvC2 didn’t happen because I didn’t feel like running a 6 man tourney, CvS2 got just barely enough for us to run a round robin tourney.

1st: Ricky “My Bridget Is Wack” Ortiz
2nd: Campbell “I never get 2nd or 3rd” Tran
3rd (tie): Kim Hahn"Blanka Short Jab Super Is Hella Hard" Hoang
3rd (tie): Mike “Baller With Two Dollars” Witt

Ricky-------||O|O|O|O|O|O|O| 7-0 (K-Sagat/Cammy/Blanka)
Campbell–|X||O|O|O|O|O|O| 6-1 (A-Hibiki/Maki/Sak)
Kim---------|X|X||O|O|X|O|O| 4-3 (C-Rolento/Blanka/Sagat)
Mike--------|X|X|X||O|O|O|O| 4-3 (S-Sak/Cammy/Bison)
Gunter------|X|X|X|X||O|O|O| 3-4 (A-Hibiki/Blanka/Bison)
Oliver-------|X|X|O|X|X||O|O| 3-4 (C-Ken/Sagat/Chun)
Salinas------|X|X|X|X|X|X||O| 1-6 (K-Terry/Ken/Cammy)
Anthony-----|X|X|X|X|X|X|X|| 0-7 (A-Sak/Blanka/Cammy)

Ricky and I play a 2 outta 3 finals, I lose 2-0. I’m the best!

Ey, next week’s tourney I feel like running a GGXX side tourney also. Call all ur GGXX homies!

mad fun

Hey buck fun tourney,Round robin is coo… Hhahaa I don’t know why people don’t want to play in a Svgl tourney… Hhaha was up wid dat… Ur maki is crazy but I gotta learn to play against her and freaken Kim’s rolento and blanka… N gunter is just tricky… Well until next bi weekly L8

oooh maki-licious

I only wrote “salinas” because we had another Mike in the tourney, heh. To tell the truth, I wasn’t really paying attention to any of the matches except my own. Mike (the salinas one) has some good Just Defend skill though… he just needs to find a gameplan and run with it.

yeah i know, he can jd good, aight.

wth is up with wack ass 8 man tourneys. seriously, this is starting to sound as poor as CF tourneys back in the day, dope 8 man brackets!

8 man tourneys at SVGL, where the BEST PLAYERS show up, then when tourneys are held at other random places, you see 20-30 man tourneys and Ricky ends up taking all your money anyways. :lame:

Don’t be skurred kids, it’s only 3/5 dollars or whatever, that’s really nothing. Small price to pay the best ever week/biweekly/monthly/whatever. Sheesh.

does anybody ever tape some vids of your tournaments? does ricky play K-CBS exclusively like Ino now?

I hope not,
YES! S-Groove 4th place