SVC Chaos Help?

Well, Im a noob to SVC Chaos, I have been watching a few combo videos and I learned a bit from that but not nearly enough. So far I can only do:

Violent Ken 38 Hits 195% Damage
Shin Akuma 31 Hits Corner Trap to 2 Hits Exceed 190% Damage
Shiki 22 Hits
Geese Infinite (Standing C, F+D, Dash, repeat)
Zero Infinite (DPB in Corner)

This is all I’ve gathered, I could probably do more Violent Ken but I find it really hard, Catching the opponent with the dragon punch, then doing his teleport move, catching the opponent with another dash.

Post your combos or tips to help me improve, thanks. :clap:

chun li - x 2,, short birdkick, rh dp kick x s.fp/j.fp/jab fb/super fb/level 3


oh and to improve? Don’t play the game lol

Thanks for the combo and I don’t get the joke.

the joke is its a known fact that this game sucks major balls but you’re a n00b so you probably don’t know it yet

to improve, u would have to play something worth playing like MvC2

Just because the game sucks doesn’t mean I don’t want to learn some cool combos for it and learn to play it… Continue posting tips and combos please. :slight_smile:

WHy don’t you just use the search function then?

I tried, Search for SVC brings up nothing, search for SNK vs. Capcom Chaos brings up 247 threads and none of the threads on the first page seem to have anything to do with SVC so I figured it wouldn’t hurt to make a new post.

You wont get it here either. It’s either you post at Strat zone or just plain give up. As people have said “No one plays the game anymore because it sucks.”

There’s 23,000 Members at the boards, I think some of them probably Play SVC . Even if it sucks.

There WAS a combo thread.

The poster took the compiled combos and put it up on GameFAQs. He got some pretty interesting shit from everyone involved.

I see no combo FAQ on gamefaqs for SVC? Can you link me to the FAQ?

DL some vids, cyberfanatics has a shit load of combos for that game. Why I don’t know, but they have them.

Chun li on demitri.

Jumping hk standing hp df lk qcfX2 kick you want it so he ends up in the corner after the last hot off of the super just repeat lightening kick with hk with chunners until dead

Yeah, I did download some vids, it’s strange believe it or not the vids I just happened to download ARE the cyberfanatics videos, however, I don’t really like those videos because it’s a known fact that KOFCyberfanatics used programmed pads or macros. If you download volume 2 you can see somebody cancel zeros BF3 sword into a super. :confused: