SVB 2009 Results (UK, big Euro event)

No one posted the results so I’m doing that since it’s over for a week now. It was a sick event, with lots of players from various european countries (and a special guest from USA, the lady of SF JJ!) and high level of play for every game.
Results (courtesy of Neo Empire) - I added nationality and character where I could remember

Street Fighter 4: (over 200 entrants)
1: RickyTTT (Spain) - Sagat
2: Shirl (Italy) - Gouki
3: Prodigal Son (UK) - Sagat
4: Zak - (UK) - Boxer
5-8: Roboduck
5-8: Shau
5-8: V-Ryu (Switzerland) - Gouki)
5-8: Slick Rick

Guilty Gear XX Accent Core:
1: Tim119 (Taiwan) - Sol
2: Windton
3: Cuongster - Eddie
4: Cristina (UK?) - Potemkin
5-8: Rudi
5-8: Champion (Slovenia) - Eddie
5-8: Kyzertron
5-8: Kekken (Slovenia) - Zappa

The King of Fighters XII:
1: Tim119 (Taiwan)
2: Robocop2
3: Michels
4: Kaworu
5-8: Shin Rickyo95
5-8: Prodigal Son
5-8: Dobiqwolf
5-8: Kusogaki

1: Kaworu (UK)
2: Raziel
3: Tim119
4: Kekken (Slovenia) - Tager
5-8: Kyzertron
5-8: Izanami
5-8: Grand Lethal
5-8: Ryza

Street Fighter III 3rd Strike:
1: Prodigal Son (UK) - Yun
2: Zak (UK) - Oro
3: Pecheur (France) - Hugo
4: Harmonaz (UK) - Gouki
5-8: The Chef (UK) - Ryu
5-8: Ramzi
5-8: Malek (France) - Ibuki
5-8: Tome

Soul Calibur 4:
1: Pantocrator (France)
2: Malek
3: Wil
4: Talon
5-8: Grannis
5-8: Davids
5-8: Ugo Ivy (Italy) - Kilik
5-8: Ditto

Capcom VS SNK 2:
1: Grand Lethal (Greece)
2: Prodigal Son
3: Private Ryan
4: Cristina
5-8: Paddy Hackers
5-8: Goukifafa
5-8: Tim119
5-8: Zenfire

Street Fighter Alpha 3:
1: V-Ryu (Switzerland)
2: PSI
3: Chunkis
4: IMX
5-8: Geejay
5-8: Raju
5-8: Lebowski
5-8: Middlekick

Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix:
1: Orf (UK)
2: Chunli1
3: CalmDownMonkey
4: Alan Da Man
5-8: Angel Killer
5-8: Prodigal Son
5-8: SMQ
5-8: Kaosflare

Tekken 6 (PS3):
1: Dinosaur (UK)
2: Cobra Commander
(Other T6 results to follow shortly.)

there also was a big 5 on 5 team tournament for sf4, with 16 teams entering (it was capped, there were actually more teams who wanted to join), too bad it was stopped just prior to the semifinals due to time constraints. The Italian team comprised of Spinalblood (SG), myself (Dict), Angel666 (RY), Sean (VI), Shirl (GO) was still in and was about to face Mullah’s team in semis. SFIV is HYPE. Waiting for official vids from neoempire staff, some sick matches are awauting to be seen

Whoa, I just noticed this thread. Yeah, too bad they cut the team tourney short, my team was still in it too :sad: Everything started late and took much longer than expected…but I still had a great time and I’m glad I made that trip. The competition was awesome :tup:

Man, I know many people were recording me all weekend but no vids are turning up…except for my matches with Ryan Hart but I dont wanna see those :rofl: ah well…

how many people were there for sf4?

Golden Gunman was running the tourney and when I asked him he said about 170, but at the top of this page it says over 200, so I dunno.

Thats a good amount of people. I hope there are videos, im interested to see Europe’s level of play.

Here is the thread containing vids.
Its all a bit random so look at the ones people recommend…

Any chance there are vids of the top 16 for 3s? There were a few Euro 2df-ers I am familiar with that I would like to see in action…

wow alioune didn’t show up?

who beat mk in the a3 tourney?

no MVC2? fuck europe.