SVB 20-X, August 20-21-22, London

Singles :
Top 8:
Daigo (Ryu) wins vs PR Balrog (Boxer) 2-0
Ryan “Prodigal Son” Hart (Ryu/Sagat) wins vs Slizzle (Ryu/Akuma) 2-1

Yota (16 y.o british Dhalsim) wins vs Evans (Fei) 2-1
Luffy086 (Rose) wins Vs RMZ (Boxer) 2-0

top 4 :
Ryan Hart wins vs Daigo (Daigo played Cammy during first set, lost, came back to Ryu, and lost Ryu mirror) 2-0
Luffy wins vs Yota 2-0

final results :
1/Luffy (wins finals : 2-0) (France)
2/Ryan Hart (UK)
3/Daigo (wins 3rd place 2-0) (Japan)
4/Yota (UK)

The tournament had around 300+ attendants.
final results :
winner :
Team Zaihaa (aka team France)
Renegad (Boxer)
LordDvd (E.Honda)
Louffy086 (Rose)
StarNab (Fei Long)
Evans (Fei Long)

finalist :
Team Free Money
Taaj (a Rose from Norway)
Zero (Rufus)
PR Balrog (Boxer)
Dawgtanion (Elf)
MicVlad (Dhalsim)

16 teams were attending.
Note that Evans from team Zaihaa eliminated Daigo’s team (with Kayane,Ryan Hart,VRyu and Logan Sama) all by himself.

Tekken 6
top 8 :
Kristian (Lars) beats Blackblade (Steve,Bruce)
Wogus (Bruce, Miguel) beats Harry Potter (Heihachi)
Malekith (Asuka) beats Dinosour (Bryan,Jack-6)
The Emperor(Jack) beats Gajda

top 4 :
Kristian vs Wogus (the later played Steve and Bob in this match)
Malekith vs teh Emperor

final results :
1/Malekith (Netherlands)
2/Wogus (Netherlands)
3/Teh Emperor

Blazblue CS :
top 8 :
Teruta (japanese player with Taokaka) wins vs Kira
Tim119 (Bang) beats Kaworu (Carl)
Kyzertron (lambda11) beats Hurrican Rev (Tao)
Sprint (Tager) beats Grannis (Noel)

top 4 :
Tim119 beats Teruta
Kyzertron beats Sprint

final results :
1/ Tim119 (Taïwan)
2/ Kyzertron (UK)
3/ Teruta (Japan)
4/ Sprint

GG XX accent core :
top 8 :
Goukiifafa (Slayer) vs Windton (bridget)
Cuongster (Eddie) vs Cristina (Potemkin)
Tim119 (Sol) vs Robocop2 (Chipp)
Nabian (Ky) vs Piledriver (Johnny)

top 4 :
Windton vs Cuongster
Tim119 vs Nabian

final results :
1/ Tim119 (Taïwan)
2/ Windton
3/ Cuongster (France)
4/ Nabian

top 8 :
Ryan Hart (Yun,Ken) wins vs Pedram (Chun)
Niabanh (Mak) wins vs Zabusa (Urien)
Pedram (Necro, not the same guy as the Chun player) wins vs Jinty (Yang)
Tome (Mak) wins vs Raju (??)

top 4 :
Tome beats Pedram
Ryan Hart beats Niabanh

final results :
1/Tome (France)
2/Ryan Hart (UK)
3/ Pedram
4/Niabanh (France)

Kof 2k2 UM :
final results :
1/Batta (Japan)

Soulcalibur :
top 4 :
Panto C
Kayane (Xianghua)
Kira (Cervantes)
Grannis (Nightmare) (beating Kowaru (Setsuka,Yoshi) in top 8)

final results :
2/Kayane (France)

SF2 HD Remix :
top 4 :
Kaos Flare (Guile) beats Sprint(Cammy,Gief)
Wa Quar beats Orf (Ryu)

final results :
1/ Kaos Flare
2/ Wa Quar
3/ Orf
4/ Sprint

The spelling of some names might be highly inaccurate.
credits to SaikyoRB, Hitcombo, Neo-Empire forum, and Tekken Zaibatsu for most results.
WorstGiefEver started uploading videos on his Youtube channel, there are more to come.

Trivia :
The event received the visit of Harada, Ono and Seth Killian who commented a few matches of the 5vs5.
The 5vs5 was supposed to be a side event organised by WorstGiefEver but the tourney reportedly triggered quite a hype.
Daigo enters Guiness world records : most international wins for a video game


That’s a pretty cheap team that won, I like it.

wow i didnt pr rog was there …still though gooooooooooooooooo evaaaans


Diego Umejuarez in the hizzy

it seems Daigo is out, losing to Ryan Hart 2-0

Europe not that free after all…

Ryan vs Daigo was crazy. Earlier they had been playing casuals and Ryan used Dhalsim. When they played in finals Ryan asked for blind select. Daigo picked Cammy, as he had bust up Ryan earlier in the cammy v sim match up.

Ryan picked Ryu and despite losing the first round came back and won the first match, daigo missed lots of combos with cammy. Daigo switches to Ryu and wins a close match- then in the final match Ryan edged it.

Luffy (Rose) beat Ryan’s Ryu comfortably to get the gold.

I dunno if this is accurate but I heard from one of the dragons that ssf4 had around 430 entrants- not 150. 3S had 40 lol.

Yota is only 15 or so, and has only Bern playing since arcade vanilla- yet his aim gave daigo real trouble in the 3rd place play off.

Other highlight of finals was Slizzle (another new player) taking it to the wire against Ryan using an akuma on the midnight jungle stage that camoflaged with the background. think it was colour 5 or 9. It was a bit of a headfuck.

HDR is on now.

The marvel heads were playing mvc3 throughout finals. I clocked up about 12 hours play on the game this weekend. Trish is broke. Skrull and Dante are easy mode.

Seems this tournament was single elim?

Indeed. Single elim, 2 sets, no character lock (except after winning a set)

Haha so either Ryan Hart mindfucked Daigo or he just dicking around, in a single elimination tournament no less.

dam, woulda won this one too. gs guys.

perfect sin eliminated ryan hart at evo…

ryan hart eliminated daigo at svb 20-x…

perfect sin = best in the world?

gs perfect sin. best in the world.

damn, Perfect Sin woulda won this one too. gs guys.

good shit md/va/de/nj/uk


“Tim119 (Carl) beats Kaworu (Bang)”

Im pretty sure Tim119 uses Bang and Kawaru uses Carl

Daigo on blast??? Yota the child prodigy!? What’s going on?!? Blatant!!!

I don’t know where you’re getting your info from but I’ll just correct the mistakes.

-The tournament had over 350+ players
-Yota is 16
-Ryan wasn’t the one that asked for the blind pick, it was actually the other way round.

That Rose from Norway OCV`d 2 teams… just saying…