Suzo STC/500 Balltop replacement?

Hey, I’m really liking this joystick, but I’m looking to replace the stock stick with a metal shaft and screw mount for regular sanwa 35mm balltops. I know groovygamegear sells this versa-balltop, but I don’t think you can swap the the balltops out on it. Any know where to get something like this, or how to easily fashion one.


only one good way - find cheap turner (uncle, friend…)
theoretically - it this was it been possible to make similarly how here

meybe I make in weekend similar video on Wico and STC, quality will be lousy because it is webcam:P

Yeah, if you get a chance to make that video, that’d be awesome. Btw, very nice videos, wish I had seen that suzo inductive one before I wired it up the hard way. Never thought to use motherboard connectors.

Hey kowal, what exatly does the groovygamegear versa ball come with. On this pic on your site it looks like it has some kind of metal washer:

Does it come like that?

I may just buy for a black one instead of going through the hasssle of making one. That is if they aren’t too heavy.

edit: okay, i think i figured out that the stick pictured is a custom one you made. Anyway…