Surprising Dan priorities

Unable to resist the seduction of Saikyo-power, I’ve finally rested on maining Dan. I like taunting too much.

Anyway, imagine my surprise upon learning that Dan’s Ex-Dankuu beats Abel’s dreaded Breathless Ultra every time! Both at a distance and right up close.

This may belong more in the (huge) strategies thread, but perhaps it could be useful to have a particular point of reference for Dan’s priorities? Could help beginners/scrubs like me get orientated a bit more quickly. Thoughts?

Oh, and the recommended proceedure upon pulling the above off is to use taunt number 9 to slap your ass in their face!

Well for a start EX Dankuu is an armour breaker so it’ll break Breathless’s armour. He’s also considered airborne during it (not sure how far into it) and Breathless being a throw can’t grab airborne targets so that probably also contributes. The move itself doesn’t have great priority, it just goes quite far and has a pretty fast start-up.

EX Danku may not be fool-proof. I don’t know when throw-immunity kicks in on EX Danku. If it does before frame 6, it should be easy-peasy to tag Abel after the Ultra freeze ends at pointblank (Where the timing would be the tightest), otherwise, it could be very dangerous.

When Abel’s further out, it should tag him everytime provided he’s in Danku range and doesn’t hold onto it.

An Abel would be silly to give you a safe window to EX Danku, though.

Yeah, if you’re at point blank you can jump over Abel anyways, edge of EX Dankuu range is pretty much guaranteed for it to land and any further back you can probably just jump back and back dash to avoid Breathless so seems kinda win win if you’re on the ground with meter :bgrin:

Ex dankuu gets beat a whole lot during start up guys, so be careful. It has no invincibility frames I think, and little to no airborne frames.

EX or regular Dankuu is super easy to follow up with a throw