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Supraclient v0.87.6: September 11, 2007

so whats so great about the supraclient, is it less lag or something os are there new features to kaillera that we dont know about yet.

the features are all on the site. nothing about lag though

Oh sorry, didnt read the rest of the page.

Hey, does anyone know where i can download that kaillera client that makes the chat window size bigger. I had it but when I installed supraclient, it replaced it. Supraclient is too crowded with confusing buttons for my tastes, So i wanted to go back to the old client but I cant remember where I found it, anyone have it. thx

:slight_smile: Hey thanks man, youre the greatest.

Anyone give this a stab?

The website claims it has better lag than Kaillera, which shouldn’t be too hard to pull off of course.

But, anyone see how good it is?

Does this work at all?

Keep on crashing for me. I did download support files too.

Sorry about that. Redownload it and make sure your internet history files are cleared. I uploaded a version in which I was trying to fix something. I left the inline ASM code unfinished on accident. = I wonder how many people got that version.

If you have constructive criticism I am open for suggestions. I’m not quite sure what you mean about confusing buttons. They are all labled and it’s clear on what they do. The only one I can see confusion on is History View. This basically allows the user to go back and view the previous chat without being interrupted by new incoming chat.

On no, theres nothing wrong with the client. I really like its new features, like the ability to send files to other people and the new server list. Its just that im so used to the old client, that switching to this with so many changes feels a little wierd, lol. I dunno, its just that all the features seem so crowded into the window that looking for certain buttons takes time. Maybe if the window size could be adjusted to our liking, and maybe give the windows a little bit of color to distinguish from which tab youre loooking at.

Yea, its just me though, 6 years looking at the same kaillera client kinda leaves a warm spot in ya, lol.

Haven’t tried it yet, but major ups to Supra for putting work into letting us play games better, heh. I’ll be sure to try it out when I’ve got more free time.

I’m back in classes and junk so my free time has dwindled, but anyone up for trying this out with me sometime? Just wanna play a few different games see if there is any dif on lag.

ALL POSTS PRIOR TO THIS ONE [with the exception of the edited original post] ARE NO LONGER RELEVANT. CPPE IS A WHOLE NEW BALL GAME.

SupraclientCPPE v0.60.00 is now released as of May 05, 2007

Please visit:

What’s new? It’s a first release of a new client redone in C++ based off my Visual Basic 6.0 Version. No support files are needed and it should play great. It’s a very simple layout at the moment; most like it that way from my experience.

Leave Feedback. Thank you.

Does this works well under WinKawaks?

It should work the same under any emulator compatible with Kaillera. If you find a bug, have a problem, or comment, post it up on the forums at [URL=edited -fb . It will be helpful information toward version 1.0.

SupraclientCPPE v0.67.00 is now released as of May 14, 2007
Please visit:
Includes all fixes from previous version.

Leave Feedback. Thank you.

SupraclientCPPE v0.69.2 is now released as of May 28, 2007

Get it at:

Help support the project. Join the forums and report any bugs or suggestions.

When I used this on GodWeapon server last year I got nothing but sass for it. Apparently it lagged everyone else. It got to the point where anytime there was any lag, people insisted that I had supraclient; even after I stopped using it.