Superman Batman: Apocalypse coming out soon on DVD and BluRay

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Some of who have watched have commented on how well done the fights and action scenes are.
So if you enjoyed Under the Hood you may enjoy this just as much or more.
Also Big Barda:rock:

This was pretty damn good. Probably the best DC animated movie out (not counting Phantasm or Return of the Joker). They did a great job of condensing a fairly large story arc into a short movie format. From my memory, they really didn’t leave anything out, which was surprising. Plus, Conroy and Daily are back as Bats and Supes, which makes it an instant watch no matter what.




The surprise buttseks ending was/is great. I actually forgot about it in the comic arc so I kinda jumped a little when Darkseid jumped out of Ma and Pa Kent’s house.

Edit: I just found out the move was 78 minutes. No wonder they got so much stuff in. Good shit DC!

I dunno, whenever you see Batman vs Darkseid it always had a weird feeling for me. Batman just DOESN’T MATTER to Darkseid whatsoever. He’s like an insect. The deus ex machina utilized by the writers to have Batman be a threat to Darkseid just felt so cheesy and contrived. Some of the action sequences were kickass tho.


Have you seen Under the Red Hood yet? Unfortunately, that was still fresh in my mind, so SB:A wasn’t that impressive for me. Just struck me as a higher production episode of JLU until the end when shit got epic. Props to the directors or whoever “choreographed” that fight.

One thing I didn’t get tho [spoiler=]Where was Mr. Miracle?[/SPOILER]

best part about this movie was easily



towel time shower hour barda

good lord.

other than that, meh.

i was hoping to see him…i love that character. i wondered this as well.

Red Hood was OK, but the voice acting sucked, they changed actual plot points completely, and they skipped a lot of shit. It seems with these Batman/Superman stories they follow the source material a lot closer.

@Galactic: Batman always wins with enough prep time. I mean, common, he strolled into Darkseid’s castle and



pretty much said quit this shit or I’ll fucking blow your shithole planet up. You know you are awesome when you force Darkseid to give you props for your humongous balls.

I think they changed things for the better for the most part. the events of the comics version happened because of superboy prime RETCON PUNCH, which was pretty stupid to begin with. I’m fine with the changes they made for the purpose of this being a one-shot movie.

lol@ darkseid thinking bats would really do that…this is the same nigga who wont use a gun but think he’d do that? even in other galaxies he got people perceiving him like a loony. is it wrong i was hoping darkseid would try to omega beam bats again like in jlu?

I was actually ok with that change (made sense because that would be difficult to explain), I was more angry with giving Joker a way bigger spotlight than he had in the comics. As much as I love me some Joker, it just rubbed me the wrong way. Maybe because I love the comic arc so much.

I love how Bats just dodged Darkseid’s Omega Beams in JLU. Like, wtf, really Bruce? [media=youtube]5Y8WqbrhAs4&feature=related"[/media]


^ LOL well he is the godamn Batman…

That was only way Bats WAS gonna beat Darkseid and it worked. Like seriously is anyone stupid enough to call Batman’s bluff?

Same shit I was thinking, no matter what Batman is still the smartest heroes around the DC universe.

Never was big on superheroes with ridiculous powers so I pretty much stick to Batman (yeah I know he’s basically God but also awesome) and Punisher, a little Deadpool as well. So I wasn’t a big fan of this movie. Had nothing on Red Hood if you ask me.

Also, this.

It’s not like it was the first time Batman defeated Darksied though (granted last time Batman beat him he died but that’s not the point >.>).

I thought he was just transported back through time or something?

I was never a huge DC guy but I throughly enjoyed both movies. Why can’t Marvel make something like this?

cause their idiots and cant find a fluid animation studio to save their life. but i give them props for sticking to american studios(i assume cause of the style), i think american 2-d studios are a dying breed.