Supergun Latch Switch Turbo for UFB

I recently bought a Sigma Raijin Supergun and would like to wire it to a Brooks UFB.

Everything is extremely straight forward except that I would like to use the latch switches common to classic superguns for turbo with the board. I’ve only ever seen the turbo used with a momentary-on switch on every other setup. Would I somehow be able to use it with a latch switch?

Any and all help would be wonderful and even if it is not a plug and play solution, any guidance for a rigged solution would also help immensely!

Unfortuantely, unless you have access to the source code to the Brook UFB to reflash it, you’re not going to be able to easily use the switches on the Supergun.

The UFB’s code expects the “hold turbo, press button, release turbo” to enable turbo functionality. It wouldn’t know what to do with a switch.

In theory, if you got super-creative, you could always design an additional PCB for your pushbuttons and switches, and this PCB connects to the UFB, to give yourself an “artificial” turbo functionality. Meaning that this PCB would take your button presses, and if the turbo switch was set to “on” for that button, it would send a “turbo-fied” signal to the UFB.
I’m oversimplifying the solution, but there’s probably a whole lot that can go weird here in practice. But conceptually, that’s the idea…

Or design a different PCB that can convert the slider switch to “When slider for Button-X is set to on, hold turbo, press Button-X, release Turbo. When slider for Button-X is set to off, hold turbo, press Button-X, release Turbo.”, and then wire up this PCB to the UFB’s turbo and button signals.

Thank you for the input!

I think I figured out a way to keep the “look” of a classic latch switch but use the standard momentary-on input by using a returning latch with momentary-on function. At least it will appear the same, you would just need to hold the latch in the “on” position, press the appropriate button then release it.