Super Xbox Converter - works? Or what can I buy for stick ps2>xbox with sfac?

I bought a converter off of ebay here:

When I tried it, the d-pad works perfectly but the buttons don’t register unless you press them hard. Rapidly tapping the button for example usually won’t register at all unless you’re pressing really hard.

I know my controllers aren’t broke because I can use them on my pc with a ps2>usb converter and the buttons register fine without any hard presses.

Also I know my xbox is not borked since the s-pad buttons register fine.

So does anyone have any experience with this converter? I suppose I could have gotten a damaged one but I guess it’s just not a worthwhile converter. Shame too since it had a xbox live port.

I know the magic box is what everyone says to get, but I don’t want to pay 40$+ for an adapter.

So here’s the technical question: Since this adapter seems to work perfectly fine but the buttons only register after a hard press, would this adapter work better on a custom stick? I’m going to buy one soon but the adapter issue is pretty important to me since I play on xbox and only need it to work on ps2 if I eventually go to a tournament (god willing I become worthy enough:P)

Or is there something I can do to get these ps2 controllers to work with the adapter better? I’m getting a stick but I’d sure rather be playing on a ps2 pad right now instead of the xbox s-pad.

And i’m referring to the original xbox, I don’t own a 360.

Also if you know a good stick deal that might meet my requirements check my other thread about stick advice which is still on the top page and let me know.

If your stick is Dual shock 1 based it will be more likely to work with adapters without fault. If you can change the PCB to a DS1, that may just help your problem, because lots of 3rd party controllers don’t get along perfectly with adapters. I use a super joybox and I have lag issues with the hori tekken stick and the SFAC pads, but it works fine with my dual shock based customs.

Thanks for the info.

Is there a way I can tell if my ps2 pads are dual shock 1 or 2?

PS2 pads are dual shock 2s. PS1 dual shocks are dual shock 1s.

Does anybody know WHERE i can buy that Magic Box converter!? I need it very badly!!!