Super whiff on juggles?

Hey there.

Yesterday i was playing online and i fought against a random Oni. I managed to stun him and push him into corner. There, to follow the stun, i did saving lvl 3 to super (mk). The first 3 hits landed, but the fourth one didn’t connect, and Oni reached the ground before the end of the super.

So i was like wtf? What happened? If someone know the answer, because i’m clueless to how the super could whiff on the middle of the animation

should be the corners fault in combination with the focus attack. go to training room and test it yourself, might also be character specific aswell.
never really use cody’s super tho, his super can be spend more wisely for more profit imo.

This happened to me a few days ago if I remember correctly mk super the last couple hits will whiff if you perform the super in the corner but the other ones work with all hits if my memory serves me correct.

I actually did some testing on this right when Super first came out (posted on an old account i dont use anymore), and actually managed to find the post.

I haven’t tested it with the AE characters, but it shouldn’t take too long to do.

hit someone with c.LP cl.MP, c.HP xx HP Crim Upper xx HK super - last 2 hits whiffed
hit someone else with jump mk > cl.MP, c.HP xx HP crim Upper xx HK super - last 2 hits whiffed

i thought i was the only one