Super Turbo question

I’ve read that alot of people don’t like Super Turbo. I personally can’t stand it.

Now, if more people don’t like Super Turbo, then why is it the only one still played competitivly?

only one? out of what?

Uh out of the street fighter 2 games. IS it because its the most recent sf2

Despite you and “a lot of people” may think, you’re still in the minority opinion (either that, or the opinion of people who aren’t the torunament organizers and tournament players, who are the ones that count). Clearly, enough people like it for it to be included in tournaments.

I’ve wondered that too. I prefer normal Turbo myself.

Yeah I, along with every I play Street Fighter with, prefers hyper fighting over super turbo. And Bowi, I refer you to this thread.

Super Turbo was not very popular. I think it’s because it’s the most recent street fighter 2. I’m not complaining, street fighter is street fighter. It’s just something that’s been bugging me since I don’t like Super Turbo.

i really never got why people liked ST to begin with. i mean really its gradius with fighters. other then mvc2 i have never seen a fighter with 2 players throwing projectiles out so much then ST. TIGER, TIGER, TIGER, TIGER, TIGER, TIGER, TIGER… TIGER UPPERCUT!!! and of course we can’t forget, HADUKEN, HADUKEN, HADUKEN, HADUKEN, HADUKEN, HADUKEN, HADUKEN… SHORYYYYUUUUUKEEEEEENNN!!!

If ST is nothing but a game of projectiles, then why is Balrog(Jap M. Bison/boxer dude) considered one of the better overall characters in the game? How was Kuni’s Zangief able to slaughter some of the best US O. Sagat’s who do nothing much more than TIGER TIGER TIGER? Do you really think you can beat a good Vega(claw) player with nothing but fireballs and dragon punches? I mean, its cool if you like other games better than ST and all but you need a much better reason to say the game sucks than this old BS excuse.

Anyways, my two cents. I should never bother with these damn topics at all really… :xeye: Especially this one that comes up like every fucking two weeks. :rolleyes:

super turbo questions come up every two weeks?

that’s news to me. No one mentions super turbo anymore.

It’s not the projectile whoring (I havn’t experienced anymore in ST than any other SF), it’s the characters…they feel weird to me. Chun, ryu, ken, dhalsim, they all feel strange in handeling. Especially chun. The announcer grates me so much.Other things, I’m not saying it’s a bad game. In my expereince I’ve found that other’s find Hyper fighting to be more enjoyable. IMO, I think because the super meteres add (more) depth to the gameplay, is the reason it’s used in tourney play still.

Supers take away the depth. Sf2Hyper is the best version.

ST is cool. I like it a lot I don’t think that supers take away depth but thats just me.

Um ST is talked about every day here just check out NKI’s thread.

hyper was a ryu/ken fest.

I can’t speak for anyone other than myself, but I think ST is the most fun of all the old school games. I think that HF is more balanced, but I think that the downfall of HF is the silly things like 2-hit dizzies and ToD combos.

Also, I don’t see how one could possibly argue that HF has more depth, given that ST has more characters, more moves per character, and the engine is more complex (juggling, teching throws, supers, etc). Yes, the round is suddenly played differently once certain characters get meter, but that is what adds to the depth: you can’t play your character the same way the whole round.


Exactally Nki, ST is deeper.

But with most people I’ve asked, HF is funner…

And isn’t that what matters most? These ARE games after all…

Whats fun for many people is to be very competitive. Deeper games allow you to take competition to different levels.

That being said ST is cool but I find high level matches boring.

The way they made chun handle REALLY irks me… >_<

Ryu handle’s different, but I can deal. The change wasn’t as big as Chuns…

I like ST, except O.Sagat is a stupid character

I find your avatar to be hilarious



Honestly, I love HF and ST Chun Li. Truthfully, I love using CvS2 Chun too but I’d trade ST Chun for CvS2 Chun any day of the week. Just preference I guess.

As much as I like to play ST or old school in general, I agree with this 100%.