Super Turbo (DC) outfit colour question

I have SSF2X on DC and was wondering if i could select a character old costume colour but STILL have the super turbo version of that character. AFAIK, there’s a code as well as an EX option which allow you to select the original (SF2 WW) colour outfit but you have to play as the SSF2 version of that character. I want to play as OG white gi/red headband Ryu but have all his ST moves and shinkuu hadoken. Is this possible?

press jab when you select him.

Jab makes Ryu black gi/yellow headband.

He’s looking to use O.Ryu colors on a N.Ryu.

In short, not without a cheat device or palette file editing. Since Super Turbo’s a bitch to burn from plain files, you’re not gonna have much luck in doing that.

There is actually a way to do this… I believe it involves selecting the old character, losing to the CPU, then continuing and selecting the new character by time out without moving the stick… that could be wrong, but there is definitely a way to do it.

Is it? I always though the jab button was the WW color, strong was the CE color, fierce was the HF color, and the rest were whatever. Hmm. Sorry for the bad info

Jab button is ST color. All ST characters lose their default colors unless you pick their “Old” version. In Super Street Fighter 2, jab button was the WW color.

Yep, COUM is correct. This works in the arcade and I tested it on DC as well.

Pick an O.char, lose to the CPU, and have 2P come in as a new challenger at the loss portrait screen. Wait until the character select screen appears, then have 1P continue. 1P will have the O.char color still. Allow time to run out (i.e. press no 1P buttons) and N.char will automatically be selected while keeping O.char’s colors.

If anyone knows how to do this with both 1P and 2P simultaneously, I’m interested. See this: [media=youtube]SluVLcBKl-U[/media]

Thx for the info, was just wondering what was the point of the original “alternate” colours? Like in ST you can get the original WW colours by using the code on the character select screen and pressing jab, but pressing jab+short gives you the alternate colours. Where were these alternate colours used, they aren’t there in champion edition unless I’ve missed something.

They aren’t from any of the older games, IIRC. They were just added to ST for O. Character mirror matches.

Unlrelated to colours, but a SS2TX question nonetheless. In the EX options menu (hold L + start on option in main menu) you can enable the bonus stages from SSF2 but with the new versions of characters. This seems to hang my copy, it just stays at the loss screen for the CPU/2P unless 2P challenges. Then they pick their character and you go the bonus stage as usual. Anyway for me to get to the bonus stage without having 2P challenge?

Are you using Gouki by any chance?

Nope happens with everyone AFAIK. Haven’t tried it with ol’ mr shun-goku-satsu.

I found the same problem out when building TDC Final v2. NKI told me the DC version as always done that, or at least the Echelon release of it does. I don’t have any confirmation one way or another if legit versions do the same thing, but it is not just you, and there is no known fix. Just disable the bonus rounds.

There’s no error at all with any of the 3 bonus stages on a legitimate copy of the DC version.