Super Sundays Matchmaking

Am I the only one that like Goweapon better for SuperSundays ?
I think we lost a couple people with the switch to IRC. I just find it a whole easier plus I like making appearences on GW to show them 3s fools we got a strong following too XD

IRC is sooooooooo much easier. You’re just weird. :razz:

irc is an awful lot more convenient after you get it set up, makes it easier to keep logs of everything that went down during the session, never ends up with your messages being drowned out by someone writing a novel about “KIZUNA ENCOUNTER 4P 2 MORE PEOPLE PLZ” doesn’t require you to leave mame + kaillera hanging open the whole time, etc etc

and if anyone finds setting up irc hard then we could just point them to something like 0irc for example, probably the most bare-bones irc client around; we could even include instructions or a version of whatever client we pick that’s set up out of the box to join the right channels


how the hell do you operate a PC and not know about irc???

Sorry dj, I’m going to have to agree with the majority here that IRC is very convient in it’s ease and usage.

You can even set it up that your favorite channels automatically join you in upon log-in.

While godweapon / goweapon or whatever it’s call may be a decent chat client, I haven’t seen IRC lose it’s touch for years.


WTF…that half assed kaillera thing is still running? get on ggpo people

i barely know how to start my Pc up let alone learn irc… it took me about 50 tries just to find the matchmaking board b/c no one told me you werent supposed to type in the extra stuff in the beginning. I created my own ssmatchmaking board and no one was there. it really don’t matter to me which one is used ive never even heard of godweapon before.

Well, the thing that GodWeapon had going for it back in the old Mame 0.64 days is that you didn’t need to use an additional program to handle the chatting/match setup.

When NFBA established itself without client mode, GodWeapon lost the right to make the convenience argument. Because at that point, GW (really just an extension of the old Mame 0.64) just got reduced to another third-party chat program like any others, and I don’t think it’s particularly good for that. It takes up a lot of memory, you can’t be in more than 1 room at a time (OK, two copies, whatever), you can’t send a private message without jumping through hoops, I felt a little bad just “hanging out” in GodWeapon for their chat system when we weren’t intending to play games there anyway, blah blah blah.

The one last argument you could make for it was that everyone from our league at that point had it and knew how to use it, but I think the disadvantages far outweighed this one counter-argument.

We never played games on Kaillera servers, just used them to set up our P2P games. And I feel we have -assed and not half-assed status.

What extra stuff did you type on accident? Let me know and I’ll see if I can clarify the Getting Started Guide.

LOL @ teh win percentage!!!
I got owned !!!

here is what i typed /join #srkkaillera i didnt know that i did nto need to type" /join " i only needed the “#matchmaking

IRC by a million.