~!@@ Super Street Fighter IV Exhibition Matches @@!~~


This thread will contain exhibition matches I’ve recorded for Super Street Fighter IV – the PS3 version. You are more than welcome to post your SSF4 videos assuming they’re HD (720p or 1080p).

I’ve already made this thread awhile back but there were some problems with the youtube channel (internal issues with the team).


[media=youtube]rhJZuB3-1Vk&hd=1"]SSF4 :-: Exhibition (7.31.10) :-: M1tchapaloozaSRK (Balrog) vs. sinjii (Vega) [2nd Match[/media]


[media=youtube]ym1HfQR8jzU&hd=1"]SSF4 :-: Exhibition (8.1.10) :-: Damage1 (DeeJay) vs. Smashbro29 (Cammy) [Rematch[/media]

Thank You!
Amazing quality!

I still plan on recording more but less frequently since I’m barely getting any viewers and not gaining any subscribers (therefore a lack of motivation). But I will still try.

Well I too have a youtube. I’m almost at my 1 year on there and I just now hit 200 subscribers. It’s pretty rough at first but if people keep watching and like them they might spread the word


OMH illuminion i have never seen videos that clear.




What song is that in the intro?

Nice videos man, I just started a channel recently as well with a few match videos, as well as recorded replays from the replay channel. All videos are in 1080i HD format, check them out. :smiley:


Check out my channel for more.