Super Street Fighter 4 Tourney

1st place Balrog Defeats Ryu

2nd place Ryu defeats Cody

3rd place Cody defeated Chun Li

Thanks for all that came out to play our next tournament will be June Sat 19th 3:00 pm

The tournament will be Xbox 360 original controllers only.

I will hold a tournament for PS3 if enough people show up. The buy in will still be $10

Thanks for making it a success.

Goodshit Balrog!

LOL GS nick

hopefully cody can win next time

Yea man XBOX 360 Controllers ONLY. None of those fancy boxes with those sticks with a ball on top, we know you all cheat on those.

Good thing Zangief didn’t show up, he’s so cheap. All he does is grab :coffee:

Good job, Chun-Li! 4th is nothing to sneeze at!

You mean if I went to this tourney I could have actually met Chun Li?

I’m there next time!

Alright, hopefully you can make it out to the next tournament. Here is the address:

The arcade

I can’t believe they would let a convicted felon compete