Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix PS3 PSN: How to buy in any country!

Hi there i live in the uk and i have been a fan of street figher IV as long as i can rember. now i guess you can understand how mad i was when hd remix wasnt availble in the uk store and i couldn purchase it from the american store bcause i dont have a credit card. who knows when there going to release! but i managed to buy i today. I thought i would write this guide to help others who are in the same position i was. hers how to get it.

1 firstly make a new user and create an US account. just put random details in and find a US zip code buy searching for one on google.if not search google for instrucions on how to make an american psn account

  1. go to This is the key to this whole opperation. it allows you to add funds to a virtual visa credit card. I added 13 gbp to my account. theycharge 64pence to add these funds to your account. registering with them takes a few minutes and you get a virtual card

  2. log in to your american psn account and go to transaction management. add the virtual card details they give you on entropay. leave the address as the one you enered it dosent matter.

  3. then go and buy hd remix and download it!

I hope this helps because i jus didnt want to wat and was going buy a playstaion network card of ebay for 18 but this sems to be a much cheaper and quicker method.

if you want you can add me on playstation network and see me playng it in my british account!! lockman_321

Entropay doesn’t work anymore for new users I heard. My VISA debit card didn’t work either :frowning:

How widespread are PSN cards ?

it does

I know for a fact it does cos i got hd remix today!!! so if you want add me and youll see me playing it !!!

also you can buy psn cards on ebay and the guy said he would send me h code in the emaiil but i just found a quicker way to do it

Did you create the card in GBP, rather than USD? And if so, couldn’t you get away with a bit less? $15+5% should be well under 11…

Step 1: Convince your best American friend to do a game share "just for you"
Step 2: Call up 3 of your European friends and get them all in front of their PS3s
Step 3: Download 4 copies simultaneously from unsuspecting American’s account before he changes the password back to the original one
Step 4: ???
Step 5: Profit!

^^^ Even funnier since something like this has happened already.