Super Smash Brother Brawl

Hey check out here for the latest video

shoulda posted that in the official thread, mane

My bad…hey if a moderator is here go ahead and close it i’ll move this thread.

How is the thread “official”? Unless an SRK staff puts the thread up and calls it the “OFFICIAL SRK _______ Thread”, I don’t see how one thread is any more official than the other. Just putting “official” in the title doesn’t mean anything. I wish people would stop putting it in their thread title. If people like the thread and post in it the most (and/or choose for it to be the only thread they post to) then that’s great.

Not that the other thread has “official” in the title… I’m just pointing this silly phenomenon out because the word “official” was mentioned. =D

That being said, starting a new thread when there is a longstanding one right above it (or without searching first) is generally bad practice.

Anyway, as requested, closed.