Super-Skrull's Tenderizer Infinite - By GimR (Video)


PS: It’s pretty difficult to do

Oh I did enjoy =)

can almost for it 7-% of the time =)

nice find GIMR. i have to see how difficult this is. doesn’t look to hard.

OMFG, this is the super skrull game changing technology I’ve been looking for. How difficult is “pretty difficult” is it possible to master, practical in real matches?

Anything is possible - its up to the player if its applicable or not. Don’t wait for somebody else to do this consistently - practice and get it down yourself!

Haha, I mean yeah Gimpy, but at the same time, some stuff the community general declares not practical in real matches, so I was just curious what people were saying. I’m away from my console now, but I am super anxious to try it out.

Thank you, GimR. I especially liked how you broke the combo down.

For the jump cancel after “Charged Crouching Heavy” I found a bit of an easier way to do it. while your charging you can just simply hold up and then mash the L tenderizer out. makes the loop much easier.

The only real thing I’m fussing over is how to get skrull to ONLY hit 9 times =s

That works to it’s just that I kept on accidentally doing grounded tenderizer when I did it that way.

About how hard it is; When I first started learning it I could actually do about 5 loops of the corner combo(The one where you don’t dash in) pretty easily. Something weird happened with my muscle memory though so now it’s sporadic and I can’t do it consistently. :frowning:

you know what i also found made it easier, if i pinioned going h m l then when i leave the ground just hit L. the part that is hard for me now is is getting his c.H charge to connect =s

Cool find GimR. The video was cool too. I’ve only got the tenderizer to skip the last hit once so far, but I’ll keep practicing. One thing I just noticed is that you can time the shortened tenderizer as you fall from a jump as well. Not sure it that’s useful.

interesting idea, I’ll try it out

yeah I noticed that too, I just couldn’t think of a situation where it wouldn’t be better to just do ↓+H

Also, in case you guys were wondering, it’s possible infinite with just jump canceled L Tenderizer

Idea for someone who can actually do this. Call vajra and immediately meteor smash, jump cancel L tenderizer then flame sweep into combo?