Super Sinix Design Thread

Popping up a thread to post all my fighting game related art stuff in. I’ll be trying to update regularly with different street fighter sketches and whatnot.

First off, here’s some recent character sketches from Street Fighter 4.


Plus, me and my girlfriend put together a full collection of buttons for the whole Super Street Fighter 4 cast. I gathered all the art we did into this collage.

The buttons turned out nice, so feel free to check out our little shop page if you want to get any:
!!! SINIXDESIGN | Shop_v1.0 !!!
We also made cool stuff like this:

We’ll probably be making random stuff for other fighting games too. I want to try some full illustrations for stick art and fabricate them to replace the default TE art with no modding or plexi… we’ll see how that goes.

Here’s some old MvC2 related stuff for fun (made the sprite for sonice7s awesome thread):

Sinix…What a beastly thread!!!

great sketches! can’t wait to see more!
btw I love the buttons… they remind me of Wally from Monkey Island 3.

i love the sagat and bison sketches. lots of character in each facial expression

Awesome range in artistic ability. The way you can make any character and show personality through a simple grin or facial expression no matter what shape and style is inspiring! Also, great work on the collage and megaman/magneto bits too!

Thanks for the comments! Sorry I haven’t been sharing much, but here are some chun li doodles that I just made tonight!

Also hyped because I’m developing some Tshirts for my cartoony SSF4 lineup… the finished product is gonna look sick, here’s a low quality sneak peak of the design process.

Please make a green Cammy shirt! I’ll be the first one to buy it!

Wicked art too. You’re my favorite artist on here, easily. Love the style.

nice sketches. Make a Gouki shirt & you have a sale! XD

Hell yes, I’m hoping there’s enough demand for me to get to do a bunch of characters. It’s also fun, because I’m doing custom little tie-in pins for people who order shirts. All kinds of potential ideas for those, a crazy buffalo one with balrog shirts, a shadaloo one with Bison, and stuff like that.

Focus Attack is handling it all and there’s still a week left to preorder ryu or chun at a discounted price. Hopefully they start shipping at the start of next week!

purchase @

Meanwhile, I finished doing art for Yun and Yang in anticipation of the arcade edition release. Pretty happy with how they came out.

The crazy buffalo design sounds legit. I love rog’s 1st alt

Hey i remember seeing your work awhile back on dA, I’m so glad to see you posting SF work, man! Great sketches, maaad attitude!

Thanks Kandoken!

Meanwhile, I was trying to do a drawing to enter that 3s contest, I noticed the deadline is in 2 days. I started a Twelve one, but wasn’t feeling it, going to try a different character tomorrow.

Oh, and more shirt designs and random stuff

you went outta control with twelve. pretty dope

Entry for SF3 contest, Urien. And another crack at that Twelve sketch, but I just can’t seem to hold up a composition with that pose.

that hoodie looks dope!

Great work Sinix! :slight_smile:

good stuff

I don’t know who the frankenstein-like MVC2 character is, but I love that the most, and other figures… the looseness of details are visually pleasing.

@AOS - Thanks, it’s Colossus!

Too bad about the Urien art, someone else had the same idea. Talk about bad luck.

Time to do some cartoony stuff.

Here we go, I tried animating one of “steamboy33”'s awesome SSF4 sprite remakes.

I also have a quick video tutorial about doing sprite animations on my art youtube from a while back, link to that here: [media=youtube]wKTDEjVLNkQ[/media]

Steps for this hack job!

  1. Disassemble steamboy’s sprite so I can do the basic puppet style idle animation that capcom used to do for most games.
  1. Move around the various pieces slightly so that you have a basic animation loop that resembles the idle animation. Note: Oni’s actual idle animation is very slow and subtle thanks to 3d, so I couldn’t get it quite as soft.
  1. Save the basic loop and go into each of the 5 frames and add the animations that needed to be drawn by hand… shadows and clothing effects mainly for this one.
  1. Add the evil purple aura around the outside of the sprite, a simple 1 color animation. It would have looked better if I used more than the 5 frames for this.
  1. Finally, add additional loops of the animation and put in a couple lightning effects at a couple points. Also, once finished, sped up the animation slightly to a smoother looking speed.

Hope that was interesting! I had fun messing with it.

Also, here’s some up coming pin designs. They might look a little wonky because I tried to make the art look like actual photos of real pins, but they’re just photoshops of the art images.