Super sf4 complete costume gameshare thread

Do you want the complete costume pack for super sf4, but don’t want to pay full price? Then your in the right place, I did a gameshare for the vanilla SF4 complete pack (see thread: Do you want the SFIV complete costume pack for £2? - Neo Empire Forum) and I’m doing the same now.

The cost is** £3.50 GBP** per slot, payable via paypal only and marked as a gift. THIS IS FOR THE EUROPEAN PSN STORE ONLY, other regions are out of luck I’m afraid. I did the same thing with the complete costume pack for vanilla SF4 last year - Two members from SRK and two members from (where I’m also making this thread) took the slots pretty quick last time, so it’s first come, first serve. Once you have made payment, your name will be listed as taking a slot. Once all slots are filled I’ll give you the details to download the complete costume pack.

The complete pack is NOW AVAILABLE.

4 slots currently available, I’ll update the thread as the slots are filled. Ready? GO FOR IT MAN!

Okay the complete pack is now available - nobody wants all 30+ costumes for the low low price of £3.50? C’mon peeps, this is a bargain!

Please refer to:

Also a lot of people already have this, or picked it up when it first dropped so low.

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