Super Sensetive Buttons

Hi guys. I just got my SFIV TE “Femme Fatale”, and I’ve noticed the buttons are ridiculously sensitive. just resting my fingers lightly on them results in a button press. are there any more resistive buttons that I could use that would still be Sanwa quality?

seimitsu buttons are less sensitive. If you still dont like those try something american like happ.

Hori’s are even stiffer than Seimitsu. The buttons on the Tekken stick were especially stiff.

However, I would recommend giving the sanwa’s a good run before investing in something else. Over time the sensitive buttons will probably grow on you and you won’t be able to accept anything else.

Thanks for the impute guys. I’m considering an LED mod, so i would probably go with clear Seimitsu buttons if I did it. I’m not sure yet. I think Hori’s may be too stiff, but the Sanwas aren’t going to cut it I don’t think.

Just about any other button is more resistant than Sanwas.

I actually can’t think of one that isn’t.

Why you’d actually want anything stiffer, I have no idea.

So he doesn’t activate the buttons when he is “just resting my fingers lightly on them”?

You aren’t really supposed to rest your fingers on the buttons.

Put your fingers on a diet!

in terms of how “light” or “heavy” a button is, i think the list goes as:

Light - Sanwa
Heavy - iL/Happ

They might feel too light if you’re not used to them, but I would recommend giving them a chance. You won’t be able to rest your fingers on the buttons, but the upside is that they respond immediately when you do.

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Go with Seimitsu buttons, they look cooler and they train your finger strength. After using Seimitsu for a few weeks I borrowed my friend’s Sanwa stick. I pressed the button so hard the whole stick exploded.

The cool thing about Sanwa buttons is that when you press them, they actuate! No dialog box popup that asks, “Are you sure? (Yes/No)”, just a button press.

They’re this way on purpose; the smooth travel and light touch are part of the “high quality” concept of Sanwa buttons. I would suggest trying them out a while longer. Seimitsus are a little less sensitive, but if you are looking for the same feel as traditional American-style arcade buttons you won’t find it there.

Light-touch convex buttons also make certain techniques significantly easier to execute.

I can’t imagine trying any hands/HHS/legs/lightning combos on American parts… that would be brutal on your finger joints…

The japanese, most notably sanwa, really know what they are doing in regards to arcade stick accuracy & ergonomics. Their buttons are sensitive for a reason.

I would just stick with them and get used to it.