Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo HD Remix PSN Gathering

I just bought puzzle fighter and i found hardly anybody online. I was wondering if anyone plays this game and if so, then this would be the place to post your psn names so we can gather. I believe this game still has some online life in it, we can make it awesome once again!

My psn is xThomahawk i play Lei Lei on old balance but im still learning. shoot me an add when you can.

All right, thanks for responding so quickly. It’s great to still see people playing this.

I play X’ anyone online my PSN ID is Shin_ Akuma_SRK. I’m not trying to brag but if you want some really good competition hit me up. Just say your from SRK.

i play this game purely for fun with buddies idk anything about higher level play i looked up some videos once and :open_mouth:

ill play if you wanna fuck around but idc too much about going hard in this game XD

Lol I love this game but I’m really terrible at it haha. Add me: underscoreblank
I play X’ Sakura, and X Ken. But, really, I’m bad at it haha.

I play X’ ken and i’m pretty bad too, so i’ll be hittin ya up _blank

haha, sweet. I’m pretty busy this week until Wednesday or Thursday night though. I might get a chance to hop online tomorrow or Monday though.

K sounds good.

Hi everybody, I just bought this game and I’m looking for some online matches. Everybody please add my PSN: kevoisdaman

I’m average at this game but my sister ,I’m gonna go out on a limb and say, I think she’s probably one of the best in the world at this game

She can get 100 wins without losing just like that. I swear to God watching her play this game is like watching a robot. She just won a mini tournament here and she completely destroys her competition without losing a single round and it only took an average about 30 seconds for her to win a round against her competition

But that is against local player in my country Indonesia, I don’t know how good she is against people from other parts of the world


This is my sister’s PSN ID: shixon24

So I recently found out about this thread and I want to bring this game back up to popularity.My PSN id is IIInfinityy.You guys can add me and whenever am online I’ll be happy to play you.I also made an effort to try and revive the game if your on facebook and your a Super Puzzle Fighter Regular feel free to post your PSN/XBLA id and make sure to tell all of your friends.Hope to see you all online!!! The website is a little blank but I’ll make sure to customize it and post daily.Thanks!

Oh I forgot to add the link here it is

Can someone direct me to the OG Puzzle Fighter thread?

I don’t know about any OLD old ones, but this one is really good!

I <3 Puzzle Fighter.

Add me on PSN; my ID is gummyzergling.

I really really want to find another player who can challenge me, my PSN account is** krispykremekevin**
Expert mode is too easy and no one is online anymore

Add me up! PSN Tag: mc_burgler
Last time I tried this online, there was only 1 person playing and I got mercilessly handed my ass down 25-0 before I call it quit :lol:

My sister finally got a chance to play an exhibition match at the Indonesian Fighting Game Championship 2013

She (Katie, psn: shixon24) went up against team Singapore which consist of: DM MCZ Xian(The SSF4AE EVO 2013 World Champion), DM MCZ Zhi, Sonic, Yongde, and Mary Anne

Too bad my sister doesn’t play online anymore because the lag prevents her from doing the instant drop