Super Professional Arcade Joystick (SNES)

Joystick & buttons are Happ. Looks & feels very similar to parts in both PDP MK sticks. Well, more like the PDP Klassic fightstick (the colorful stick, LOL!) since those have cherry switches while the PDP TE fightstick has inferior e-switches.

Size comparison:

Sweet. I don’t have any info for you, but there’s a good chance that it’s totally glued shut. You could try to take off the t-molding, but you’re going to have a mess on your hands, and might ruin some of the mdf.

Looks similar to the SF Anniversary stick, so you could try removing the black plastic moulding going along the edges. Should peel away quite easily unless it has been glued.

Use magic eraser on those sharpie button labels. I would have also expected screws under the feet. Sucks if it’s glued. Removing the t-molding may get ugly like said above.

Even a lot of mass-market joysticks have base screws under 1 bumper or two. Both Hori and Ascii did that a lot with their 1990s-era joysticks.
If this base DOES have screws, that’s probably where they are…
Otherwise, prepare to get solvent for glue! You might still have to wedge in a large flathead screwer or crowbar (if you can find something like that thin enough to wedge in the gap/seams between the MDF wood).

IF the case is sealed like everybody’s suggested, you’ll likely crack or at least partially break it. Sorry, no help there – that’s the manufacturer’s fault! They probably never though anyone would bother to keep the controller once the parts were worn out. That’s pretty much the way it still is for the Hori FighSticks…

Thanks guys!

Sweet! Post pictures of the internals now. I love old PCBs.

My bad, forgot all about this. First post updated with new pics including internal pic. I’ve been slammed so I don’t really have time for another stick. Thus, it’s for sale in my FS/FT thread: