Super Joybox 5 Pro

Hey Guys, I recently purchased a SJ5P. I seem to be having problems with it though. I got it so i could play with my Hori Stick on the ps3 but when i hook my Hori Stick to the adapter and load up my game (Tekken) the stick dosen’t move in any direction. Some buttons work but they are mis-mapped and i was hoping if anyone else has one, could they offer any help fixing the problem or recommend other pad converters.


i highly doubt that it’ll work for ps3. but i could be wrong. its more towards pc.

may be better off with a real adapter or a pelican.

Where can i find one of these pelican adapters. I’ve had a quick search but all i come up with are reviews.

is this the ps2 —> pc converter? if so ill buy it off u

The pelican’s are very hard to come by and cost a lot. Here check out this thread it may help.

Thanks for the link Evilink.

RellMane: It does say PS/PS2 controller converter for Windows on it. If i can get myself another adapter then i’ll gladly sell it.