Super Cosplay Wars Ultra thread

I’ll make this thread in the slight chance that some of you has heard of this game, or wants to play it.

Basically, it’s a FREE 2D fighting game for the PC. In general, the gaem features cosplayers doing costumes of different series, and each cosplayer battles it out using the costumes of their respective series. It’s a fun game, though it’s not meant to be taken seriously.

If you all give it a shot. If you all get a chance to play it, discuss strategies and the usual on this thread.

BTW: If the extraction asks for a password, the password is the URL of the site (given above)

Zenka is the cheapest boss ever.

I can’t DL it…I tried, but none of the links work. Help?


Err the first dl links on both pages work.

Sometimes they are down, but usually, they work. Try again some other time.

Actually…they aren’t. At least not for me. I click on the link…and nothing happens at all. The second link is appearantly down. Can anyone give me a reason why nothing happens when I try to dl it…or maybe find a way to give me a link to the dl or something? Thanks guys.


hey the game is pretty tight. the game is made by two brothers here in sydney australia and they’re working on a few other games too. if u want any info or movelists and stuff holler i can get them to email you the shit or something. im not too sure if they browse srk forums cos they’re pretty asian so let me know.

could you post the movelists up here? then you won’t have to send it to a lot of people

Played the game. Dido is cute. :slight_smile:


qcf K goes far, fast, and under a lot of stuff. Use to punish etc etc. Opponent moves, qcf K. Opponent fbs, qcf K. you get the idea.

P chain good. qcf K to close distance afterwards.

Dunno who the hell is gonna get caught by K chain.

iad P hitstun seems to last a really long time

iad P into a.qcf P for safe landing if blocked. jump qcf P for random annoyance. qcf P gets more powerful when low life.

anytime you have bar, and opponent twitches, qcf qcf K for instant damage. Also the only way to get out of Zenka’s cheapass full screen unblockable shit.

qcf qcf P does pretty good block damage.

The movelist actually came with the game…

But since I’m nice:
Click here for the movelist
For the seed characters
Extra Characters

any idea what engine it runs on?

Playing it now; fun game. Are there any basic abilities other than backdashing, running, air dashing, and double jumping?

You can dash under/behind Zenka if you’re lucky enough to be close.

I’ve been playing G Tsuneo mostly, but CPU Amiro put up a good fight; she was doing some seriously messed up shit with her Double Fin Funnel Shields, Aegis-style. Unfortunately when I tried her she didn’t seem that good. :confused:

The engine is serviceable but it seems a bit simple right now. No alpha counters, roman cancels, parries, shields, techs, recovery options, rolls, or anything, unless I’m missing some commands.

Ok guys, I still can’t get it. When I click on the DL link…nothing happens at all. Does anyone have a link to another page that has the DL for the final version?


Actually there is a guard cancel attack that they added in final 2,just hit p+k when blocking,costs one stock of course.

Played it a long time ago. It needs some balancing IMO, like that one fat dude…he’s sorta cheap.

Damn, I beat the final boss. She owned me with her unblockable full-screen super.

My favorite character is the Naturo cosplayer.

I can’t get this to work. It says on the site to just put in the password and not worry about the key file, but, where is the password? Anyone know what it is?

Tried reading the first post in the thread? :tup:

Throws ownzor you. All super throws are instant, and it seems like you can grab out of blockstun, hitstun, whatever. If I never hear “GIGIGIGIGIGIGIGGIGIGIGIGI GIIIIII! GIIIIII!!! GIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!” again it will be too soon.

Command throws from the black masked dude are really good. Normal throws are kinda crappy.

Unrelated note, you have the best username on SRK.