Super combo in SSF2T

i’ve tried to look it up the street fighter 2 turbo strategy section, but there are just too many posts there and i cannot find what i was trying to get.
i haven’t played this game for a while and now i’m trying to play bison (dictator).
how to combo his super after standing/crouching light kick? i know this is hard and might be very useful in match, but i just wanna know the secret.
also, same question for boxer, how to combo his super after standing/crouching light punch?

any1 can help me? or just throw me a link to the 2t strategy section.
many thanks!

stop being lazy and look harder, should be there.

check the wiki

if i recall with boxer you need to combo crouching jab -> standing jab before it’ll combo into super or something like that, might be the same deal with dic

This is a classic example of SRK being shitty toward new players.

As far as I can tell, there is no information available on SRK regarding cancelling Dictator’s short kick into super. It is not mentioned in the Wiki, and it is not mentioned in the M. Bison thread in the ST Forum.

Yes, the OP should have posted in the ST forum instead. But you should tell him that, not arbitrarily saying “go read more” or “check the wiki” when neither of those things help.

glancer, the Bison thread is here:

Maybe you can get an answer if you post there.

As far as Boxer goes, pdk is right. You cannot cancel cr.jab into super, so you have to cancel cr.jab into st.jab and then kara-cancel that into super. So cr.jab, cr.jab, st.jab~super.

It lists Bison’s combo into super here.

That lists an anti-air combo into super, doesn’t give any info on combo-ing a ground lk or

I’ve comboed off of only the crouching jab, there is a certain technique to it. Standing is easier though.

You don’t need to Kara it, either. I’m pressing jab only four times when I do cr. jab, cr. jab, st. jab, super.

With dic I believe you can do cr. jabx2, st. jab>super, or it might be cr. jab x2, st. short, super.

Either way you’re charging while doing the two light hits, press forward and then back, and then another light hit, and then forward+super button.

j.mpx3 you aint got shit on me!

I’ve never combo’d into the super but I’ve combo’d into regualr scissor kick. Try doing that first.

Interesting. I’ve seen cr.jab cr.jab st.jab rush punch, but I haven’t seen cr.jab cr.jab st.jab super.

I’m hardly an expert though! I’ll have to try that when I get home…

Hmm… Well then OP, if you ever get that AA in you know what to do.


what the hell is that? is capcom dropping ANOTHER game this year? 08 is getting so crazy!
oh and i disagree on having to do a standing jab for the super to combo with boxer as i have done c.jabx3 xx super on many occasions.

many thanks to the ones that replied.

i’ll try the way you mentioned here. speaking of Kara, do i have to do it with Ryu’s super after lk/

A big thank you to you, Airthrow. I just did put boxer’s super into c.lp/s.lp combo. to buffer the lp in the super move, the feeling is like to hide the super after uppercut or rush punch, but time is shorter.

As for dic, I didnt succeed, but I think your way should be right. I guess compared to boxer, dic requires a stricter timing for input.

It is ONLY possible to combo short short super with Ryu with a kara, I don’t know why though.

can you tell me what exactly the inputs are?

and i’ve seen super after and in SBO 2007 video, but i’m not sure whether it’s because it is in HSF.

I don’t use shotos that often so I’m not sure what the inputs are. It’s cr. shorts, kara jab and fierce I think.

You can’t cancel the second hit of a chain without the kara. If you do one light, you don’t need to kara, but then you can’t hit confirm.

you kara a short. so cr. short, cr. short, super motion cr.short ~ punch.

this input works for Ken, but not Ryu. Probably my timing is not right?